2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 22

Dear civilians, Shortly, all 16 SUBDELTA Ace watches will be assembled and shipped. To prepare this, the grade 5 titanium cases and casebacks have been beadblasted and hand-polished the other day. They’re ready for all personal engravings. Last week, the lumed seconds hands also surfaced from Switzerland. The BGW9 “grade

2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 14

Dear civilians, Please pay attention to Briefing no. 14, as you’ll see your SUBDELTA ACE come to life. Great news. Today the dials and hands of the ACE pilot’s watch have arrived! HQ urges you to take notice of the following images and destroy them right after reading. They should not

2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 13

Dear civilians, Please pay attention and stop messing about, will ya? Man, do briefing rooms get noisy or what? Welcome to Squadron Briefing no. 13. Yes – no. 13. Let’s defy conventions and maybe it will bring us some more luck? Nanuk 903 This week, the postman made us very happy

2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 12

To all civilians, It’s time for the SUBDELTA ACE Squadron Briefing no. 12. Time flies. Sometimes HQ await parts (and we’re not very good at waiting), sometimes they’re all over the place… Yesterday night a parcel was delivered @ HQ. On first glance, it looked like an everday parcel, containing nothing

2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 11

Hello to all civilians! Just wanted to let you know HQ’s got something up its sleeve for all 2017 ACE buyers. On the back (view) side of their movements, there are two larger brushed wheels. Whenever they hand-wind their engines to tackle perilous missions and to track time, both of them move. They

2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 10

Good day to all civilians, The tubes have just arrived @ HQ! Tubes are essential to any watch for a number of reasons: to avoid dust and moisture penetrating the case and compromising the movement’s integrety and functions to strengthen the connection between the winding stem and the crown to look

2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 09

Hello to all civilians, Today you can see the progression of some of the pre-production types of the case and buckle for the 2017 ACE model in images. The buckle is coming together great. Hand-polished, 45 degree bevels on each corner. Lasered-through letters and thick grade 5 titanium give a

Modded homepage

We’ve modded our homepage. Goodbye chatter, goodbye social media buttons, hello Instagram. Because that’s where it’s going on these days. We think. And oh yeah, maybe we’ll add some deals on the homepage we wouldn’t want you to miss too.

For sale: 200-piece German collection

We’re selling a 200-piece collection of wristwatches, pocket watches, stopwatches, boxes and accessories for one of our much-respected German clients. Furthermore, we’ve added some of our private pieces and pieces of friends and relatives. All in all we think we’ve got a pretty neat catalogue for you. Please click here to