Limited Editions

SUBDELTA Limited Editions

Every year, we make a limited edition. This is always a handbuilt titanium watch with a nautical or military theme. Made out of the finest materials on the planet (and beyond). Fitted with the very best of horological components we could find. Awesome bang for the buck, compared to the “usual suspects”.

2017 Limited Edition: ACE

SUBDELTA Limited Edition ACE by SUBDELTA handbuilt Dutch watches
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The ACE. A “future flieger”. Fit for galactic wars to come. A “lefty” handwound masterpiece. Beadblasted grade 5 titanium. Only available as a pre-ordered watch until July 31st 2016.

2016 Limited Edition: Periscope

SUBDELTA Limited Edition Periscope by SUBDELTA handbuilt Dutch watches
SUBDELTA Periscope: 2016 Limited Edition.

The Periscope. An automatic 24-hour single-hand watch. Beadblasted grade 5 titanium with laserengravings. Bonkers or brilliant?

2015 Limited Edition: P1lot One

The P1lot One. A handwound “lefty” WWII remake. Brushed grade 5 titanium hardware with laserengravings. Large, light, reliable. Awesome.

SUBDELTA Limited Edition P1lot One by SUBDELTA handbuilt Dutch watches
P1lot One: 2015 Limited Edition