2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 02

To all civilians,

Welcome to Squadron Briefing 02! Here’s an update on the procurement and production of the 2017 SUBDELTA ACE. Pay attention please.

HQ ordered the movements that will power the ACE watches in due time. This is an awesome movement which was extremely hard to come by. We litterally searched for months and it appeared only a couple of Swiss companies can modify these movements to perfection. One of them is our supplier. Yes!

General information on how a mechanical watch works is to be found here. The Swiss supplier of the movements sent HQ a morse message, containing al lot of technical details. For those of you who are relatively new to mechanical watch movements, HQ has googled some basic explanations. These can be found by clicking on the various hyperlinks. Here goes.

  • Base movement: ETA / UNITAS 6497 (1950s pocket watch basis)
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ / about 37 mm. Also called 16.5 “lignes” > this is one of the largest mechanical movements around with its roots in large pocket watches
  • Bridge decoration: Côtes de Genève
  • Screws: blue PVD polished and anchor bridge hardened flame blued steel (this is done for aesthetical reasons and all can be seen through your sapphire casebacks)
  • Second stop: hack feature (the seconds hand stops when you pull out the crown and lets you adjust the time of your ACE to the exact second)
  • Shock protection: Incabloc (needed to withstand daily abuse)
  • Spiral: 1st quality a.k.a. “top”
  • Anchor wheel: polished (looks good;-)
  • Balance wheel: Glucydur, screw pin balance
  • Regulating: Swan neck (very exclusive method of fine-regulating a movement)
  • Number of jewels: 18
  • Frequency: 18,000 beats per hour (the central seconds hands ticks 5 times per second, so 1 tick every 0.2 seconds) > this is what you hear when your ear is close to a mechanical watch
  • Power reserve: 45-56 hours when fully wound by hand (approximately a 10-40% increase compared to a factory ETA 6497 movement without these improvements!)
  • Accuracy match: within COSC certification requirements (less than +/- 5 seconds per day). Your watchmaker André will provide a print-out of each individual watch showing the actual accuracy.
  • Adjusted in: 3 positions (factory) followed by 6 positions (by your watchmaker André) and we will prove this in a document for each individual watch

Man, that was a lot to take in! Thanks for your attention, you rock! Some of you need to wake up again though ;P

Moving on with some intel on the stainless steel prototype case that project leader Eddy has had made. The production cases will be milled out of grade 5 titanium (the very best available), where Eddy uses a stainless steel version for trying out various stuff. This is cheaper and easier to modify (softer). Thanks so much, Eddy! Thanks to you we will have fantastically machined titanium cases!

First you see the yet-untreated case, straight from the mill. Just look at the way the bevels of the lugs start as tiny lines and become wider as they curve down to the drilled lugholes. The bevel almost touches – but doesn’t quite touch – the drilled lugholes, an improvement compared to the prototype titanium case that has travelled the world to meet future buyers (and has returned to HQ last week!).

Next stap: beadblasting to create that military, matte look (less shiny). This is how that looks like on that stainless steel case:

The orange arrow indicates the position of the bevels on the lugs, which will be hand-polished to shine like a mirror. This will look totally awesome and adds a very nice detail to the otherwise matte case. Just like on the prototype.

That’s it folks. Thanks for your time and have a great week-end.

Remember: there’s still one extra ACE that needs a Commander. Should you know anybody in your network, you can have him/her contact HQ. Thanks in advance!

Over & out