2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 10

Good day to all civilians,

The tubes have just arrived @ HQ! Tubes are essential to any watch for a number of reasons:

  • to avoid dust and moisture penetrating the case and compromising the movement’s integrety and functions
  • to strengthen the connection between the winding stem and the crown
  • to look awesome

Other brands choose to make them out of plain stainless steel. Nothing wrong with that at all. We however choose to make them out of grade 5 titanium, just as we make all the hardware for the 2017 ACE out of this material. Just because we can, even though they’re much harder to manufacture and therefore much more expensive.

Everytime the future owners pull out their crowns, they see a magnificent titanium tube and know: no corners were cut there!

All other mission-critical intel was shared with the buyers only, as always.

Have a good one!

Over & out