2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 11

Hello to all civilians!

Just wanted to let you know HQ’s got something up its sleeve for all 2017 ACE buyers. On the back (view) side of their movements, there are two larger brushed wheels. Whenever they hand-wind their engines to tackle perilous missions and to track time, both of them move. They operate a large spring inside the belly of the movements, which gradually releases the tension over time, ensuring a smooth and even power distribution.

Stock standard, they look like this:

HQ felt the future owners needed a spiced-up version of this otherwise rather boring wheel… So in the actual watches, they will look like this:

Please note this is a blow-up of the prototype, still revealing even the slightest imperfection. Awesome, right? Dutch engraving artist called “Ernst” of Sanders Engraver (Instagram: sandersengraver) works on all of them – one at a time, taking his time. His girlfriend Kim designed these especially for SUBDELTA. Both of them for US presidents, please 😉

Also please note the blued screw will sit in the middle of this wheel, hiding its untreated center.

Have a good one!

Over & out