2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 12

To all civilians,

It’s time for the SUBDELTA ACE Squadron Briefing no. 12. Time flies.

Sometimes HQ await parts (and we’re not very good at waiting), sometimes they’re all over the place…

Yesterday night a parcel was delivered @ HQ. On first glance, it looked like an everday parcel, containing nothing much of interest. Upon opening however, these emerged. The beadblasted grade 5 titanium crowns for the 2017 ACE have arrived!

There are two rubber gaskets already mounted inside them and the classified crown factory supplied us with 10 extra in case of emergency. Clever forward thinking, crown factory.

Did we already tell you this very factory supplies many a famous brand with bespoke crowns? They are not supposed / allowed to tell which brands and models, but make an educated guess 😉

Oh – one more thing. The 2017 ACE will be limited to 16 pieces and the very last one still awaits its future owner. So if you happen to know a friend, colleague, family member, please hook him or her up with HQ will you? Thanks! EDIT 6 March: SOLD!

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a good one!

Over & out