2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 13

Dear civilians,

Please pay attention and stop messing about, will ya? Man, do briefing rooms get noisy or what?

Welcome to Squadron Briefing no. 13. Yes – no. 13. Let’s defy conventions and maybe it will bring us some more luck?

Nanuk 903
This week, the postman made us very happy with 16 olive Nanuk 903 watch cases. HQ won’t show you the inside, as it must be a surprise for you. But how about these looks, can’t beat them!

Operative Eddy sent HQ a Whatsapp with this image, revealing the buckles will be ready soon:

The pins are not bent, as most watch brands do, but the pins are forged from a single block of titanium. The hole where the pushpin comes, is therefore drilled. Neat or what?! Anyway: Eddy and yours met in a famous hamburger joint on a non-diclosed location last night, to discuss your titanium buckles over a cold beverage. The following items were on the table…

Since the prototype buckle (right) from last year’s ACE prototype model needed a visual and quality upgrade, we developed a totally new buckle (middle) this winter. Problem was, it didn’t fit like it should because it didn’t have enough curvature. That’s why Eddy’s came up with buckle 2.0 (left) and he nailed it, ‘caus they fit like a glove. The curvature of this iteration is perfect. We tested it with a 3.2 mm thick handmade leather strap that was made by Remie Beijer of 7T2Straps.com to sport the SUBDELTA Periscope.

Eddy will have the buckles sanded and polished in the coming couple of weeks, after which they’ll be done. We simply can’t wait. Thanks Eddy!

Remie will receive one of these buckles soon, so he can make those beautiful olive leather straps for you. Why does he need a buckle anyway, you might ask? Well, he needs the pin to determine the size of the holes in the leather and the exact width in tenths of a mm so he can make the strap fit pefectly. Remie will get cracking soon, of which you’ll receive images in abundance.

The cases and casebacks will be made right after the buckles are completed, so expect them somewhere by the beginning of May. We’re really looking forward to those too, Eddy.

The sandwiched dials and hands with Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 are made elsewhere, not in-house and this party needs a tad more time to make them absolutely perfect for you. We expect them to surface by the end of May, so André can assemble the Ace watches right after that. Of course we have a supplier’s snapshot of them and once they surface, we’ll make better images. Left: regular, black version (16 pcs sold out), right: blue version (Blue Ace, production starts soon, all 30 pcs  are ready for pre-order).

SUBDELTA Blue and Black Ace dial

Nothing more to share with you at this point, so have a good one and be safe!

Over & out