2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 14

Dear civilians,

Please pay attention to Briefing no. 14, as you’ll see your SUBDELTA ACE come to life.

Great news. Today the dials and hands of the ACE pilot’s watch have arrived! HQ urges you to take notice of the following images and destroy them right after reading. They should not fall into enemy hands, whatever it takes!

Remie of 7T2Straps.com is really making an effort of the bespoke leather straps. Here’s a little time warp for ya. The prototype of the buckle you see in the following images will be sent to our metal lab this week, so he can use it as a production example when it comes to curvature / bends. This way, all production buckles will be exactly the same. Good thinking, Eddy, and thanks, Remie! Good luck finishing all straps buddy.

Remember: Remie does it all by hand… the level of detail is impeccable.

Please note the metal studs are still missing in the images. They will be pressed in on a later moment.

Ding dong, the door bell said this morning. Ding dong? Didn’t expect anything just yet. The guys at FedEx are known to be fast, but this fast? Nice things have arrived and typically, HQ does the unboxing of these vital watch parts together with you:

The dials are beautifully executed in a sandwiched setup with a thick and therefore really noticable top layer. No thin leaf of painted metal, but a sturdy one here! The lume has been applied nicely and evenly. The hands are executed really well also.

Please note that the arrows/tips of the seconds hands are still all black. They will be lumed by hand by a secret Dutch operative in a later stage.

(sorry for some tiny dust particles that can be spotted in the image above, HQ’s old and tired eyes didn’t see them, but the camera lens did 😉

Just to show you the difference between the Blue Ace HQ’s preparing along with the Black Ace: this blue is a nice saturated one. We like. Your dials are really black and the greyish tone derives from direct daylight. The production of the Blue Ace can start right after more than 20 future owners have laid down their funds @ HQ. What you waitin’ for?

Hour wheels
Just for fun we screwed on one of those stunning hand-engraved hour wheels on one of the movements. Just look at that!

Eddy sent HQ a WhatsApp that today’s the day he’ll receive the very first production case and buckle. He’ll hand-finish those first to give André (the assembler) the chance to process them already. Meanwhile, Eddy will crack on with the rest of the batch. Good luck and thanks a million, Eddy and André!
Nitty gritty
This week’s all about gathering planning intel on all the nitty gritty still left to do, such as gaskets, movement fixations, caseback crystalss and crown engravings. More on that in another Briefing though.
That’s all folks, until next Briefing! Have a good one!
Over & out