SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 08


Good day to all,

Since our 2016 Limited Edition – the Periscope – is being finalized and shipped, let’s move on with the 2017 Limited Edition – the SUBDELTA ACE.

The previous Pre-Flight Briefings were sent to those who where interested in a very early stage. The time has come to share these updates with a broader audience. If you’d like to be informed as a (possible) future buyer too, please fill in the form on this page. You then receive more updates, sooner. No obligations.

Movements for the SUBDELTA ACE

The ACE will be sold on Kickstarter in Q1. Preferrably, the Isoprog IP13 handwound movement will sport the SUBDELTA ACE. (what’s with the uppercase letters, huh? We happen to like it this way 😉 Since there’s an MOQ of 50 pieces, this particular movement can obviously only be fitted if we sell 50 copies or more. Now we just received a sample IP13 for photo and video purposes and here are some images. Thanks Isoprog! Luckily, this sample movement is already decorated the way we like.

Heavily and beautifully decorated Isoprog IP13 handwound mechanical movement.
Dial side of the Isoprog IP13.

Should we somehow sell less than 50 copies, which we don’t aim for nor hope, the beautiful and proven Sellita SW210-1 will be fitted. This is by no means a lesser alternative though: it has a very good track record and is fitted by brands like Sinn in their flagship models. We happen to be able to buy the Sellita in much lower quantities, that’s why we use this movement in one of the sales scenarios.

SUBDELTA ACE Sellita SW210-1
Movement if we sell less than; 50 copies. It will be very nicely decorated Commanders, this is stock-standard SW!

The Sellita SW210-1 handwound  movement in the image above is still undecorated, but will be fitted with:

  • rhodium treatment (ultra thin gold or silver layer, not sure which one if any)
  • blued screws (yes please)
  • CĂ´tes de Genève striping on bridges (yes please)
  • “ruthenium noir” (blackened movement, YES PLEASE)

We’ve asked for some images of a decorated Sellita, which will follow in next week’s Pre-Flight Briefing. “Rhutenium noir” makes the movement somewhat like the SUB 2624-1 we fitted in the “Periscope”:

View on the beadblasted grade 5 titanium caseback of the SUBDELTA Periscope, our 2016 Limited Edition.

2 movements = 2 prototype casebacks

We will prepare titanium casebacks for both movement options of the SUBDELTA ACE, so future buyers can see what happens when either movement is fitted. Please note the Isoprog is much larger (it’s based on the Unitas/ETA pocket watch movement rage 649x) than the Sellita. This will effect the sapphire glass caseback dimensions a lot, but you’ll see once the prototype is finished. Smaller movement in diameter: smaller crystal & bigger titanium ring. Larger movement in diameter: larger crystal & smaller titanium ring. No rocket science 😉

Case of the SUBDELTA ACE

As we briefed you last time, the case of the SUBDELTA ACE will be even a bit more detailed than the “Periscope”. The bevels on the lug sides will be more emphasized and the height of the entire case/crystal combo will be 13/14 mm, whereas the “Periscope” is 14/15 mm. We will even try to surpass ourselves and  try out a (for us) new type of finsh in combination with the beadblasted grade 5 titanium. Something extra. What that is? You’ll find out soon enough. Let’s push the envelope further every year, shall we?

Dials for the SUBDELTA ACE

We will fit the SUBDELTA ACE with a sandwich dial construction, as we always do. New is that we may have found a very good external supplier who can make these for us in low quantities. He specializes in dial making and is already a supplier for well-known other European watch brands (sadly he can’t tell which ones). There will still be Swiss Super-Luminova on them, ‘caus we won’t go for anything less. This means our watchmaker can focus on what he does best: making badass titanium hardware (to name one)! We will ask this new supplier to show us some prototypes or have us look at work he’s already done for other brands. As soon as we have this, we’ll share it with you.

Watchrolls for the SUBDELTA ACE

The watchrolls we received a few weeks ago, could be done in a (much) thicker canvas. This will add a lot of rigidity to the whole package. We will make no changes in size & colors though. These watchrolls are handmade by a dame called “Roxy” of Montana, USA.

Prototype of the handmade waxed canvas watchroll “by Roxy”.

That’s it folks, have a blast this week-end and have safe missions. Wherever you may go.


Over & out.