Periscope Mission Update 21




To all civilians,

As you must have noticed, HQ didn’t brief you in a Mission Update last week. This was due to an unveiled mission in the cold waters off Copenhagen, Denmark last week. Sorry ’bout that. The good news is this week’s Mission Update 21 is extra long.

Friends for life
Last Sunday, Commander 13, 03, 15 (that’s me!) and strapmaker Remie joined in a secret meeting on the roof of an obscure hotel in Amsterdam to finally meet eachother, talk about watches, drink a dirty Martini and smoke a hand-rolled Davidoff Commander 03 had secretly tucked away somewhere. Thank you for making that perilous and long journey to our capital, chaps. It was an unforgettable day!

Moving on to the production of the SUBDELTA Periscope now. In the image above you see a couple of watch parts obviously. This time they’re assembled, for Commander 13 is on a roll and started with his final preparations before complete assembly of all Periscopes.

Most striking is the yet-untreated single hand the Periscopes will be using to tell time. You can see the round cap that keeps the hand in place on the movement pivot. Commander 13 chose to have it anodized black at an undisclosed factory in the Netherlands. He could have chosen to have it painted black (or do it himself), but this option gives the cap a much better longevity.

Soldering soldier
It’s time Commander 13 prepared the attachment of the lower dials onto the movements chaps.


Commander 13 solders a bunch of little “dial feet” onto the back of the lower dial, so he can attach the actual movement and upper dial in a perfectly aligned manner. Otherwise, he’d be guessing and knowing Jan, that’s not a good idea (especially after a whiskey or two). Below you see the prototype movement Petrodvorets has supplied us with. Yours will be heavily modified and much, much better decorated, so it’s just to show you what it’ll look like in the end.


Here you can see the movement peeking through the lower dial. Hello!


Paint and lume colors
Commander 13 went to a specialized paint shop in the murky waters of the Netherlands (which are quite cold this time of year, so good luck with that, Jan!) and was asked which RAL colors he’d like. Ehrrrrr RAL? Of course. Computer colors are defined in another way than real-life paint colors. RAL means Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung” (State Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance) and was a starting point for color standardization in Europe. Anyway. Commander 13 chose the following RAL colors, which match the computer colors best:


Those are fine lookin’ colors, Commanders! The bright orange will contrast just like they should. Due to planning, Jan will prepare all lower dials and hands first, so our Swiss lume connection (top secret obviously) can do his magic in the next two weeks. Here you see all hands after the paint job, left to dry…


The cavities of the lower dial and the center of the hand will be filled with nothing but the very best: extra fine Swiss Super-LumiNova green line. HQ will elaborate on that a bit now. There are two color lines available, referring to the color it emits at night: light blue or light green. During daytime, both paints will have the same appearance (i.e. orange, yellow or white). Incredible, isn’t it? HQ and Cmdr 13 figured the green line would fit the color scheme of your Periscopes best. This was also used in our first project, the P1lot One, although we used light orange instead of dark orange. The latter is less vintage and has more color depth, matching with the logo colors.

  • Numerals, digits and letters of logo: Swiss Super-LumiNova C1 Green Line
  • Hand and triangle of logo: Swiss Super-LumiNova Dark Orange Green Line

C1 will have a brighter glow than dark orange, because the darker the lume color, the weaker the light it reflects (emits). If you would want black lume (which is possible!), it would not emit a whole lot of light. C3 is the strongest on the market, but has a lemony/citrussy kind of hue during daytime and we just don’t like that. It’ll be plain white versus orange for you, Commanders!

This is what C1 looks at @ night (image courtesy of P1lot One):


HQ received a morse yesterday from our contact at Petrodvorets, stating the crowns are all ready! Good news. She asked Commander 13 if he’d like to receive them assembled or not. Good question, HQ likes a vigilant project operator! She will ship them assembled to Cmdr 13 somewhere next week, so he can beadblast (or glassblast, not sure yet) them along with all other Ti5 hardware.

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!