Periscope Mission Update 22


To all civilians,

Straight down to business this time, no mockin’ about (as a famous, naked tv chef always says). HQ just received a morse from the Petrodvorets Movement Factory of Saint Petersburg, Russia, with a couple of images of the SUB 2624-1 movements. What a sight! She also stated all assembled crowns and movements will be shipped by the end of this month. Just as planned and promised and exactly in time for Commander 13 to receive them in the 1st week of December, leaving him a two-week timeframe for complete assembly. Aces. Still goin’ strong!

Somewhere in a secret testing room of that classified movement factory, probably in an unknown dark corner, our Petrodvorets friends are currently testing those heavily modified movements of yours. Our project manager @ the factory almost apologizes. What’s the deal? Their subcontractor, who galvanizes the rotors of the movement with a couple of colors, simply couldn’t do better than this. The Pantone 663C color of the triangle in the logo might not be up to standard, a bit on the dark side against the dark parts of the rest of the movement.

What? Couldn’t do better? They’re even prettier than anticipated, we couldn’t be happier! Maybe it’s just HQ being emotional, but it’s by no means a small thing seeing “your” SUB 2624-1 movement come to life. It’s even ticking! Please note that these crowns are not the ones that will sport your Periscopes. Thanks so far, everybody @  Petrodvorets!

There have been more achievements last week of course. Commander 13 is well underway completing his mission too. He’s turning and milling those fine Periscope cases, as you can see in the images below. Is it just HQ or did you notice there’s more and more debris in his images lately? This needs to be addressed at once! @Cmdr 13: please clean up your work station in the future, BEFORE posting any pictures, will ya?

Can you believe this punk? A well-organised Commander is an effective Commander, Jan! Maybe you’re just too busy focussing on those Periscopes and not on cleaning your bunker 😉 On the other hand, grade 5 titanium scrap is good scrap, lads 😉

As you can see, the cases are quite chunky due to the somewhat outstanding/pointy lugs. Post-production measurements show the exact lug-to-lug values: 39 mm = 51.25 mm, 42 mm = 54.9 mm. Wow! The pin-to-pin values luckily are a lot lower, so the watches won’t wear too big: 39 mm = 47 mm, 42 mm = 50 mm. On paper, you knew the Periscopes would be chunky, civilians, and now you know for sure. HQ was a little worried about these high values and summoned Commander 13 to try on a 42 mm case on his tiny wrists to see for himself.  He morsed that it’s all good. Actually, it is practically the same size as the P1lot One. Big relief. The final height will be determined once everything is assembled with the domed sapphire crystal and caseback, just as the total weight. Just don’t know. Yet.

Finally Commander 13 morsed me a blurry image with 18 milled cases already! Don’t you dare stop here, Commander 13, and don’t forget to make a couple of 39 mm variants while you’re at it 😉

Remie almost finished all straps. Good work, civilian! Well, civilian… by now he’s incrowd too. Not having an official Commander number doesn’t mean you’re not recognized by the Periscope Commanders, Remie! Here are a few production pics, where you can see one of the keepers being finalized. HQ has ordered the one with SUB as initials. You can probably guess why. Both Commander 13 and Remie morsed me that they’re proud to be part of this exciting new microbrand. They should be! So is HQ! Thanks guys. From the bottom of my heart.

For safety reasons, only a few initials are revealed in this Mission Update. Please don’t share them on your social media channels, civilians!
Lume job
Last week, Commander 13 has secretly dispatched a small parcel to CH. According to HQ intelligence, it was sent on Friday night and has just landed on Zürich Airport, CH. Its online delivery status has changed accordingly. This means our unveiled Swiss subcontractor – who will from now on be referred to as “lume man” – will receive it later today or tomorrow. “Lume man” will need approximately one business week to do his magic, so Commander 13 expects the parts to be back no later than the 1st week of December. Yes my Commanders, parallel to the reception of the crowns and movements. It’s all coming together… Still he has a lot of tasks to complete (i.e. painting the upper dials, modifying 3 front sapphire crystals to fit the 39 mm cases, having all hardware laserengraved, complete assembly, shipping, just to name a few).
Commander 5 and 24
Thank all that’s holy that HQ has employed a secretary – and a rather attractive, single one too HQ might add – who occasionally checks the birthdays of all Commanders. Last week, she was away for quite some time buying the latest model typewriter or something like that. Whatever. Result: she completely overlooked a couple of Commander birthdays! She’ll be punished in a correct fashion of course. So without further due: our much-respected Commander 5 of Singapore (a.k.a. “KEL”) celebrated his 38th birthday on November 10 and Commander 24 of the Netherlands (no initials) on November 15. His age is rated “top secret” unfortunately. Bottom line: happy birthday Commander 5 and 24! May you live a long, prosperous, healthy, lucky and succesful life! Have safe missions wherever you may sail.

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!