Periscope Mission Update 23




To all civilians,

Don’t you hate an MIA situation too? For all civilians: MIA means “Missing In Action”. Here goes. Commander 13 has sent the lower dials and hands to “lume man” in La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH on Friday the 13th of November. Looking back, maybe this was the wrong date 😉 What happened? Typically, a parcel should arrive in CH after 3-5 business days. Not our parcel though, for it has been underway for a whopping 10 business days! We don’t need mission-critical planning problems at this stage, civilians!

Mission completed!
Our friends @ Delta Force have been searching the CH waters and skies for the last couple of days (hence the search lights in the image above) and were succesful! The parcel has been cleared by CH customs on Wednesday and delivered today @ 09:17 GMT. It’s an understatement that HQ didn’t sleep too well the last week. The screen with the online tracking status has been refreshed about 25 times a day. The Swiss “lume man” has been briefed where to put the C1 white and Dark Orange Super-LumiNova (green line) to rule out any human mistakes.

Lume briefing
Hereunder you will see this briefing for “lume man”. We’re having Swiss Super-LumiNova C1 and Dark Orange (both: green line) applied.Please forgive the Design Department @ HQ for this somewhat blurry and course instruction with possibly a couple of errors in French, but “lume man” gets the idea 😉 We were not trained to make prefect graphics, civilians, but to complete missions, whatever it takes! Please note that this is the lower dial and that the etched upper dial will be assembled on top of that. The indices and numerals in this upper dial are very neatly cut out.



ETA Dec 11
The “lume man” will do his magic next working week. ETA for the return voyage is Friday the 11th of December. Fingers crossed there will be no more delays and that Commander 13’s assembly time frame has not been compromised too much. As you know, we want all Periscopes to be on their respective Commanders’s wrists by Christmas. It goes without saying HQ and Commander 13 will do absolutely everything to achieve this goal. This means: no sleep for you in December, Commander 13! You can catch up sleep in January, but not too much, since you also need to produce the prototype for the SUBDELTA 2017 Limited Edition, the ACE.

Bead blast ’em
A couple of Mission Updates ago, HQ briefed you about the bead blasting machine Commander 13 had on his back seat. This machine has a name: SABW (Secret Abrasive Blasting Weapon). Jan loaded the SABW and fired thousands of microscopic glass beads onto the titanium cases. What do you think of the provisionary result? CMDR 13 will adjust things, so no straight brushing marks will be seen in the end results. WikiPedia on abrasive blasting.


TOP SECRET: shipping of movements and crowns
Our operative @ Petrodvorets of Saint Petersburg, Russia sent HQ a morse last night, stating there would be a top secret transport from the movement factory to Commander 13’s. An experienced Russian factory operative travelled all the way to Amsterdam yesterday, carrying with him all movements and assembled crowns… He will mail those to Commander 13 today, from Amsterdam. HQ’s sure he has a very good reason to avoid regular civilian postal services. Good thing this obscure transport was unseen! Can’t wait to see those stunning SUB 2624-1 movements and crowns in next Mission Update… HQ will brief you. Obviously.

Colorful top dials
Commander 13 has received both paint colors for the upper and lower hemisphere of the top dials. He can start airbrushing them whenever he’s ready. Good luck Jan, and enjoy! HQ knows you can handle your air brush.

Sipping on a cigar
HQ unintentionally intercepted a morse, containing an image of Commander 07, leisurely sitting on a comfortabel couch, sipping on a luxurious cigar in an undisclosed location in Singapore. According to HQ secret services, the image was taken by Commander 08. Nothing wrong so far. However, according to our Mission Database, CMDR 07 should be on a reconnaissance mission in South Africa’s coastal waters until tommorrow! Maybe he has completed this perilous mission early and that lovely new secretary @ HQ forgot to update the Mission Database again? In that case, she deserves a good spanking. Glad you had a safe and succesful mission, Commander 07! This particular image cannot be shared online obviously. Hope you enjoyed your puff, CMDR 07, but knowing CMDR 08, that was most certainly a very, very good cigar 😉

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!