Periscope Mission Update 24




Good day civilians.

Well, well, well. And who might this punk be? Is this strange-looking bloke an enemy operative, cleverly disguised as a priest, wearing loads of make-up and trying to obtain classified intel from off-guard civilians? This called for a thorough approach, so HQ booked him. A six-hour interrogation last night led to the understanding his true identity is “Sinterklaas”. Sorry old chap, for messing up that velvety outfit of yours.

Anyway: Sinterklaas brings young future Commanders the presents they’ve been craving for tommorrow night. Will he have a little something for HQ too? Maybe the movements or the stuff “lume man” is currently working on? We already got the crowns half an hour ago! Thank you, Sinterklaas! WikiPedia on Sinterklaas


And onwards to the SUBDELTA Periscope
Although beging a down-to-earth guy, CMDR 13 was a bit frustrated the other night. Not all unfolds according to plan. A few subcontractors really push it when it comes to delivery times. To let off some steam, he decided to empty his SABW (Secret Abrasive Blasting Weapon) on a Periscope case, buckle and tongue. Good thinking, Jan.


Did you notice anything unusual, civilians? No? Are your eyes even open? Please pay attention, boys!!! This is no pleasure cruise! Surely you’ve noticed the light bevel CMDR 13 applied on some formerly sharp corners? Why, you ask? HQ wanted to step up the finish of your cases, that’s why! The P1lot One cases tend to be a bit too sharp here and there and HQ decided to make some last-minute mods for the better. Besides the practical advantages, it looks the business, right? Live & learn.


CMDR 13 might make those bevels just a tiny bit bigger and states the little imperfection in the lower left lug in the bend near the end of the lug is due to lighting conditions. You can also spot the bead blasting could be a bit finer: some lines are still showing and that’s unwanted for. This is only copy #1 gents and he has never beadblasted before. Good work, Jan! Rest asure – all cases will be well finished. By his hand of course.

Lovely beadblasted buckle and tongue too, Jan! Please note this strap – also done by Remie, but for another project obviously – is not part of the Periscope adventure. If you want one, drop us a morse at any time.


Planning forecast

Ti5 hardware

  • finish & beadblast cases, casebacks, buckles and needles (in progress, finished this weekend)
  • receive crowns from Russia (mission accomplished today on 13:00 hours GMT +1)
  • instruct laser engraver (mission accomplished yesterday)
  • ship all Ti5 hardware to laser engraver (personal delivery by CMDR 13, early week 50)
  • laserengraving of all Ti5 hardware (week 50) > thanks guys @ The Hague for putting the pedal to the metal for us and engrave quicker so we can save some time!
  • bend all buckles after being laserengraved (week 51)


  • receive all movements (scheduled by the end of today, but DHL states there’s a clearance delay @ Saint Petersburg, Russia, so expect it early week 50 and not today unless miracles do exist)
  • quality control, i.e. power reserve and winding test (week 50)
  • mount all movements with custommade fittings in cases (week 51)

Dials and hands

  • paint and dry all upper dials as designed by HQ (week 50)
  • receive stuff from “lume man”, CH (week 50, he just sent HQ a morse he’s ready!)


  • finish all keepers with intials and last stitching jobs (week 49)
  • receive all straps from Remie of (personal delivery, week 50)

Bits ‘n pieces

  • make gaskets for front & back sapphire crystals (week 50)
  • modify 3 front sapphire crystals for 39 mm version (week 50)
  • 6 ATM water resistance tests (early week 51)
  • assemble all parts that lead to mission-ready Periscopes (mid week 51)
  • quality control (mid week 51)

(Inter)national shipping

  • pack ‘n tag (address) all Periscopes (mid-end week 51)
  • (inter)national shipping (end week 51)
  • receive Periscopes at Commanders’ secret addresses (week 52, if postal services & customs co-operate and enemies don’t intercept)

Fingers crossed, civilians
CMDR 13, Remie and HQ are really pushing the envelope to make absolutely sure everything is ready in time. Nothing may go south at this point in time though and we don’t want the SUBDELTA Periscope to lack any quality in finish and/or assembly. At the same time, we have promised our Commanders they’d wear them by Christmas. Chrismas this year, that is. This is nerve-wracking, but we’re still looking good. Good luck Remie and CMDR 13 in the following mission-critical steps!

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!