Periscope Mission Update 26




Dear civilians,

Yes! The SUB 2624-1 automatic movements have arrived @ CMDR 13’s safehouse! Just look at those spectacular circular Côtes de Genève decorations, chromed black afterwards. Wow. Surely you’ve noticed the “SECURITY CHECKED” label. They have been delayed @ customs because it was unclear whether they were for Dutch submariners or for a watch with a submarine theme 😉 Hilarious, but this delay unfortunately has caused some delay for HQ too.


It’s a stunning thing to look at, 25 unique movements all packed together in a blister. We feel very, very proud and CMDR 13 has stated they can rival their Swiss counterparts where it comes to decoration and finish. When running, they produce an audible “tick”. Sturdy as hell.


HQ didn’t dare handing this parcel over to a random postman (can you imagine what would happen if they went MIA?). So I hopped in my secret little neutral vehicle and drove off to his undisclosed atelier in the north of the Netherlands myself yesterday. Ding-dong. Ding-dong! A very surprised Jan welcomed me and looked like a boy in a candy store after opening the Raketa box.


CMDR 13 and HQ didn’t expect the movements to arrive before X-mas at all, knowing they were held back by customs. Jan can now make all necessary preparations. Next week, all cases and casebacks will be laserengraved (according to the new planning we made last week). Hereunder you see how a beadblasted case compares to a plain one. It has a mighty matte dark finish to it and suits the dark chromed movement perfectly.


Sorry for the low light conditions guys, but CMDR 13’s safehouse cannot be compromised! It would be a bloody shame if some spy or other punk would spot his atelier from a mile away, wouldn’t it?


HQ just missed Remie, who delivered those beautiful straps @ Jan’s yesterday personally too! Sorry Remie, better luck next time. By the way: happy birthday Remie! Today is your big day. May you have safe missions throughout your career and live a long, prosperous and happy life. You hate to have missed me by half an hour @ Jan’s, but my visit was unscheduled anyway. Not your fault.

A bit of a blurry morse reached headquarters half an hour ago. It appears to be an image of one of the buckles after having been laserengraved! Rick of the engraver’s called me, asking if it’s O.K. like this and apologizing for the somewhat blurry image. The focus is on the upper half of the buckle, not on the actual engraving. He stated they’re absolutely spot-on in reality. Awesome.


While all cases and casebacks are being laserengraved next week, CMDR 13 will airbrush those sandwich dials in the two colors (night and day). Hereunder you find a pic from a few weeks ago, when they were still united in their production sheet. A few bits ‘n pieces to go to final assembly, civilians!


Here you see a SUB 2624-1 placed loosely inside a 42 mm case:


Some parts awaiting final assembly:


No, no, no! That’s not a necklace in the upper right corner of this image! Who said that, is that CMDR 01 again? We’re no jeweller’s, you know? Do keep up with us, MCF! Those bits are the grade 5 titanium tongues, a necessity for them buckles to operate properly. HQ’s seen with his own eyes that “lume man” from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland did a fantastic job. Jan placed one of those lower dials under a very bright light and took me to a dark room. That might probably sound a bit odd 😉 The lume is absolutely crazy! Anyway: “lume man” for president! You will not believe the amount of lume on this watch. Simply spectacular.

A random camo NATO strap I conveniently had in my UpLePo (upper left pocket) also looks the business, right? The left case has been beadblasted. What a difference, so glad we choose this finish.


And finally an image with an untreated caseback being ready to be screwed on.


Have a blast this X-mas, civilians. Be healthy these holidays, don’t “overdrink” (or just do – who cares?) but stay vigilant at all times! Promised?

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!