Periscope Mission Update 27




Ho, ho, ho, civilians!

Meet Lorenzo (left) and Rick (right). These merry operatives work @ our laserengraver’s in The Hague, NL. What’s with the suit, Lorenzo? Is it a clever disguise to fake your true military identity while on SUBDELTA missions? Or did you deliberately ignore strict HQ dress code briefings for those working on top secret, military items? Whatever your reasons for wearing that spectacular outfit – this time HQ’ll see it through the fingers. Is that even English, civilians?

Both operatives worked late yesterday to try and make up some of the lost time. Much appreciated, chaps! HQ selected you as one of the few suppliers for a reason. They’ll be finished with their engravings by (probably) Monday or Tuesday. Commander 13 will welcome the hardware back just before or on Newyear’s Eve.

Laserengravings : the final results
HQ thought you might wanna see what Lorenzo and Rick have been up to. This is what.


That’s 50 one-off pieces of grade 5 titanium for the SUBDELTA Periscope! HQ deliberately chose not to engrave the triangle of the logo in the buckles by the way. Keep it as simple as possible, that’s our no. 1 priority. How ’bout those build numbers we engraved in them crowns, huh? Yes – we agreed we’d put the triangle of our logo there, but HQ wanted to give its Commanders a little extra. Now they’re truly unique pieces. Hope they appreciate this gesture.


Sorry we didn’t take close-ups from all hardware. This Mission Update would exceed morse specifications if we did. Even HQ’d get spanked for that by its superiors. Another close-up then.


Please note that all hardware is magnified in these images. Every imperfection is visible, but in reality, it will look better.

Doesn’t the engraving in the caseback work out brilliantly? Please note the build number has been omitted here – it’s only in the crowns! From now on, Commanders’ll be reminded of their Commander number, without having to take the Periscope off their wrists. Life has its little bonuses sometimes.


Since all date engravings between the lower lugs are hyper personal, HQ chose not to reveal those to a big audience. They’ll be a surprise to look at when the Commanders receive their SUBDELTA Persicope.

Upper dials and aluminium rings
Meanwhile CMDR 13 will airbrush your upper dials. Yesterday he received a parcel containing aluminium rings, which he needs to mount the movements in the cases. These rings will end up on his turning mill for exact fitting.

Prototype 2017 Limited Edition
In January, Commander 13 will make a prototype for the ACE, our next watch. The product page has been overhauled somewhat. If you’re interested, please click here to view it. The ACE will be on Kickstarter in February. Exciting!


Have a wonderful Christmas Eve full of tall tales, booze and good food. Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones.

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!