Periscope Mission Update 28




Good day civilians!

On HQ’s location, it’s about 09:00. Some of you guys are still vast asleep and some of you are preparing for diner. It’s a strange world, isn’t it? Anyway, since HQ’s closed from tommorrow until New Year’s Day, you’ll receive a Mission Update much sooner than you’re used to.

Painting of the upper dials
Commander 13 has been busy preparing the paint job for the upper dials. In the image above, you see on of his try-outs. In the image below you can witness how this works. Jan first applies one color to the entire upper dials, after which he cleverly masks the other half, so he can airbrush the other color on. Good thinking, Jan! As you must have noticed, there’s still lots of stains and stuff on the dial, but it’s only a try-out, remember? The colors are spot-on though. Jan will paint all upper dials to perfection. These watches are built by hand – everything except for the movement and crystals. Just how we like it and how we know you like it.


What else is new? Last Mission Update, you saw two happy laserengraver’s, one of them in a questionable outfit. That was one short Christmas Eve for Lorenzo and Rick, let me tell you. Thanks again, guys! Good news is they only need to engrave a handful of items today and send all of the engraved parts (crowns, buckles, cases & casebacks) to Jan’s tommorrow! Commander 13 will receive them on New Year’s Eve. Ready for Jan to fill them with movements and start total assembly!

Engraving molds
Commander 13 has prepared the engraving by supplying the items with custommade molds. The engraving machine will be much more accurate like this and we all benefit from that, don’t we? The laserengraver was very happy he did this. Here you see both the 39 and 42 mm version in their respective mold. You can clearly spot the big difference between both case sizes. The engravers told HQ titanium (especially grade 5, the best one) is very tricky to engrave. It’s very hard and strong and few (Dutch) engravers can do it. Even less companies can do it well. Please look at some footage we shot while our first watch (the P1lot One) was being laserengraved: click here.


Movement in place
Here’s just another shot with the SUB 2624-1 movement placed correctly inside a 42 mm Periscope case (still without its engravings, as you can see):


While Jan was awaiting the delivery of the movements a while back, he chose to do a little extra on the inside of the casebacks. Yes civilians – that’s proper perlage (or “perlée) for the Periscope Commanders! Commander 13 just won’t be stopped, unless you provide him with a good cigar or a bag of chips and a cold beer. Your Periscopes will be finished even better now. Thanks Jan!


That’s it for Mission Update 28 folks. Unless HQ´s got big news later on this week, there probably won´t be a Mission Update this Friday, since Friday is New Year´s Day.

Have a blast in 2016! And don´t send emergency rockets all over the skies @ midnight like you did last year, will you? They might reveal the location of any of our Commanders’ subs, remember? Stay vigilant, even when you’ve had too much champaign…

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!