SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 09



Good day civilians,

It’s time again to brief you on the progress of the SUBDELTA ACE. , our third handmade grade 5 titanium watch, which will be made this year. Sit tight, buckle up and listen to HQ. What’s in the image above? HQ got a heads-up from one of the Future Fliegers (a.k.a. “Commanders-to-be”, people who’re interested in receiving weekly updates in their mailbox and might even wish to buy an ACE in due time), who spotted this peculiar spaceship in a quadrant some lightyears from us. What do we think of its amazing design? This spaceship belongs to a foreign colony we don’t know much about. It somehow resembles the lit crosshair section on the dial of the ACE, doesn’t it? What a powerful spaceship this will be, but surely not as powerful as ours. Maybe we can learn something from their design?

New Commanders-to-be
HQ has received many enthusiastic emails from Future Fliegers, who’d also like to receive these weekly Pre-Flight Briefings. As soon as the production stage commences, these briefings will be renamed to “Flight Briefings” and each Commander will be referred to as a number, i.e. “Commander 19” if his (or her!) build number is 19. This is to obtain the desired level of secrecy with regards to civilians… Anyway: welcome to you all and many thanks for your interest, chaps! If you happen to know any other enthusiasts, please ask them to supply HQ with their email addresses here, will you? Aces.

What’s new? Commander 13 (watchmaker Jan) is about to prepare the 2D, 3D and technical drawings for the ACE. His engineering skills come in very handy indeed. Why is he called Commander 13 by the way? If possible, he typically selects build number 13 for all his watches. Number 13 is not a lucky number whatsoever, but heck – he’s a strange fellow sometimes. We’re just gonna have to live with that.

Sellita handwound movement option
Last week, HQ promised you a couple of images of the Sellita SW210-1 handwound Swiss movement. This is what this decorated movement looks like in reality (yet without the “dark chromed” appearance, decoration no. 4 we briefed you on last week):

See-through caseback view:


Non-visible dial-side view:


Yes civilians: this is the good stuff 😉 It will be further decorated in the form of dark chrome we briefed you on last week and we might have an ACE of spades engraved on a wheel somewhere to make it even more personal for our future Fliegers. This very movement will be installed if we somehow sell < 50 copies of the ACE in Q1. If we sell more, the Isoprog IP13 will be fitted. We won’t keep repeating this civilians, so pay a bit more attention while being briefed, will you? As soon as Commander 13 has finalized the real-life prototype of the ACE, HQ will brief you on the double, so you’ll be the first to know. Afterwards, all civilians will be briefed on our website and via social media.

For now – have a blast this week and take care of your loved ones!

Over & out.