SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 13


Good day to you all,

It’s time to brief you on the progress of the ACE, our next built-to-order Flieger. The prototype of this handwound, beadblasted lefty is nearing its completion. Let’s go through some Pre-Flight details, shall we?

We produced a 3D PDF file so you can see what the ACE will look like eventually. Please note it can only be viewed on a desktop or laptop, not on a phone or tablet.

Download “SUBDELTA ACE (3D PDF)” Subdelta-Ace.pdf – Downloaded 519 times – 562 KB

Pre-Flight Briefing 13? Hold on… we know 13 is an unlucky number in some parts of Earth, but since we’re in outer space together, 13 is O.K. Now, HQ received a number of essential watch parts. As you can clearly see, these parts look like a kit when they arrive. Our top secret operatives still need to click them out of their misery, before they can move onto the next phase.

The first part we’d like to go through with you, is the subdial. As you may know, we’ll use a sandwiched (layered) dial setup, where the subdial has cavities filled with BGW9 lume and the topdial is etched through and painted black. This give depth and a very nice texture. Considering the amount of lume we’ll put on it, it will be an absolute beacon during all outer space missions. Since there’s no light out there, this really is quintessential.


On to the topdial then: everything is neatly etched through, even the tricky triangle of our logo. Please note these are blowups and each and every imperfection is far bigger than on the wrist. How about that virtual crosshair running across the dial?


We particularly like how the 3-hand set turned out. We’re very curious how the big, bold hours hand (right) will look like in the prototype. They’re not for the faint-hearted!


Hereunder you see the sleek Ti5 case. Please note the bevels still need to be done (bottom right, where the sharp lug corners from horizontal – brightly lit – to vertical). After beadblasting this case, we’re applying the bevels on all four corners and polish them like a mirror. We feel this little mission will add a very special feature and texture to the package. Should it look wrong, we’ll just beadblast ’em. Easy does it. One is allowed to try out some new stuff, after all we’re doing a prototype and it is a lab in the end of the day, right?


On to the laserengraving for the caseback then. Since this one is screwed in, one needs a removal tool to gain access to the movement if required. This removal tool needs proper contact points to get a grip obviously and in this case, this results the text to be cut into a few segments. We tried to make it as logical as possible. Hope this works for you?

Next week, all hardware will be engraved and we’ll all be able to see how this works in real life. We intend to sell 50 copies or more, that’s why “Isoprog IP13” is being used. We were able to buy the sample movement Mr. Thierry of Isoprog has sent us a few weeks back, because we just don’t wanna let it go 😉

As the build number will be engraved in the crown, it has been omitted from this engraving.


Hereunder, you see the birth of a grade 5 titanium buckle for the ACE. Good stuff! It will be beadblasted first, then sent off to the engraver’s and finally bent somewhat to follow the natural curves of your powerful wrists. The inspiration of this triangular buckle derived from the triangle in our logo, but if we were to use the same angles, it would be far too sharp and look like (bad word). That’s why we softened the corners so to speak. Hope you like it.



This is what the buckle will look like in the end before bending. Yes – the buckle will have very subtle bevels too.


Awaiting the laserengravings to be executed, our lab needs about one more week for the prototype. To do list:

  • subdial (finish, ground, lume, mount)
  • topdial (finish, ground, paint, mount)
  • hands (finish, ground, paint, lume, mount)
  • case (beadblast, bevels, engrave, test water resistance)
  • caseback (beadblast, engrave, gasket, mount)
  • crystals (gaskets, mount)
  • strap (finish, beadblast, engrave, bend & mount buckle, mount spring bars)
  • movement (regulate, test, mount)
  • crown (has already been beadblasted, engrave with build # 01, shorten stem, mount, test)
  • photograpy
  • and some more stuff…
  • and then… ACE 01 is off to a few important websites, webshops and media all over Earth!

Limited €500 Early Birds discount
Meanwhile, we fired up the sale process last week. Many copies have already been taken, thanks Commanders! Please click here if you’re interested in becoming one of the next ACE Commanders also. For this year, HQ has extended the engraving options between the lower lugs. You can now choose between free format text, a date, an ace of spades or … nothing. Limited €500 Early Birds discount (that’s -20%)!

Ask any question you like and have a great week-end. Protect and take care of your loved ones and for those of you who’ll visit Baselworld: have a good exposition! May the force be with you.

Over & out