SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 17

Good day civilians!

It has been a while, so time for a Pre-Flight Briefing on the ACE’s whereabouts.

Last week, the ACE was on its way to Napa Valley, USA. The windscreen of the car clearly doesn’t have AR coating on the inside 😉 For the occasion, a “dolphin grey” Flieger strap by was fitted just to show you what difference a color makes. By default, the ACE comes with that stunning olive green strap. But you all knew that, didn’t you?

Life’s not all about missions and hardship. Thank goodness. After a day’s work it’s good to relax a bit and enjoy the good things in life.

The ACE was amongst a number of movie stars when in Los Angeles a few days ago. Nice weather too!

As we went for polished lugs on the case over the course of creating the prototype and never changed the 2D drawings accordingly, we thought it would be good to show you the new drawing.
What once was the “alternative movement” for the Isoprog IP13, which has a relatively high MOQ, is now the final choice for us. Make no mistake: this ETA/Unitas 6497-based handwound ticker is by no means the lesser option. Just look at that wonderful bridge…
There are very few handwound Unitas-based movements with a central second modification, let alone a good looking one. The Swiss company who will supply you with this beautiful and rare movement do all modifications themselves in a small workshop. The exact location can unfortunately not be disclosed obviously.
Some more images of the very movement then:
Don´t worry chaps, the following image merely shows the dial side and therefore doesn’t have to look like a million Dollars.
Because of the AR coated sapphire crystal caseback, you will all be able to marvel at its looks at all times. One would almost wear the ACE the other way around!
HQ ends this Pre-Flight Briefing with a beautiful lumeshot, taken on a top secret location somewhere in the States.
The ACE even looks very handsome on a woman’s wrist too:
Currently, the ACE is in Las Vegas, as the following images reveal:
Is everything bigger in Vegas? O.K., it’s not the epitome of good taste, but there’s more room for troopers in a vehicle this size.
Allright, since you persist, one last image then:
Have a good week-end y’all and stay vigilant Commanders!
Over & out