SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 18

Greetings from HQ to all Future Fliegers!

Due to several secret missions, such as ACE World Tour, it’s been a few weeks since last Pre-Flight Briefing. Now it’s time to update you all once more, so buckle up, will ya?

ACE World Tour
At the moment, the prototype is in Singapore and has been on the wrist of many a watch aficionado. One of these days/weeks we’ll have a pretty clear view on the number of watches we’re going to produce soon. We kindly ask for a few weeks more of your patience before we can communicate the total production numbers.

During this World Tour, we got quite a lot of useful feedback. To name a few: the lug-to-lug distance will be slightly increased to house that beautiful handmade leather strap by We’re only talking about 1 mm on each lug, but the devil’s in the details. One other thing is that the hour and minute hands will be a tad longer on the production models, to let them “touch” the inner ring and indices so to speak. Furthermore, the sharp edges on the inside of the buckle will be beveled to avoid future damage to the leather strap as much as possible.

Technical team
Please welcome the Dutch technical team, who will be engineering, building, assembling and controlling the ACE and SUBDELTA watches to come. Say hi to Eddy (left, project lead), Michiel (right, engineering, drawings) and André (engineering, assembly, quality control). The latter operative sadly is not in the pictures, as he wishes to remain low-profiled. Not all SUBDELTA operatives are public figures and revealing themselves might jeopardize our missions. HQ respects his anonimousity.

Eddy a.k.a. “project man”
During daytime, Eddy works as a quality manager at a micro mechanical metal company somewhere in NL, where he has been a project manager for many years. Although he’s a starting watch enthusiast, we all need his vast experience in creating titanium parts where accuracy is key. He’ll put everything in creating stunning ACE watches for you and is very motivated.

Michiel a.k.a. “the architect”
Michiel – only in his twenties – is a starting architect and has his own Dutch microbrand also. He experiments with 3D printing and is a great vintage watch lover. Having lots of experience in the field of 3D and technical drawing as well as repairing vintage watches, he is a welcome addition to our technical team. Sometimes he’s disguised as a well-dressed Englishman with a classy accent when on tactical outdoor missions, but make no mistake: he is a full-on SUBDELTA operative!

André a.k.a. “assembly man”
André has been a certified watch repairer for many a high-end Swiss brand, such as Rolex, Omega and Rado. He’s currently restoring a Jaeger-leCoultre vintage mechanical perpetual calendar, so he really knows what he’s talking about guys. Being a true watch lover he agreed to be responsible for assembling all watch parts, testing them to the max (ampliture, water pressure etc.) and quality control. HQ’s very sure André will only approve an ACE when he’s satisfied. He is a meticulous man with a spotless clean room, but likes to stay low-profiled. We respect that.

Last week, we had a kick-off of the ACE together and we’re all very much looking forward to creating wonderful, high quality watches for you.

3D printed plastic ACE
What do we see in these pictures? Lots of drawings obviously, but also a few sets of 3D printed plastic ACE watches (case + caseback). Altough we’re making the ACE out of grade 5 titanium, these plastic copies were commissioned by Eddy. We could use them as a reference during our talks, make notes on them with a black marker and each take a copy home afterwards. Clever and forward thinking, Eddy!

One can even see our 2016 Limited Edition, the Periscope alongside a TAG Heuer 2000. These watches were put on the table to discuss the quality of the polished parts compared to the beadblasted parts of the ACE.

That’s it for this week’s Pre-Flight Briefing chaps. Have a wonderful week-end with your loved ones and should you be on missions anytime soon: take care and accomplish them safe & sound.
Over & out