SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 19

To all civilians,

The ACE prototype was photographed around the wrist of “MJ”, a female SUBDELTA operative. Have you ever seen a goodlooking woman with a proper watch and cigar like that? We sure haven’t and placed it on our Instagram and Facebook accounts straight away. Many visitors are pleasantly surprised to see this proof the ACE is not just a boy’s toy 😉

The prototype is travelling around the world as you know and flew from SIN to HKG today. It will meet some more potential future owners while in Hong Kong, but more on that next week(s). We wish all future wearers a great time with this prototype.
Just another wrist shot of the ACE in the realms of Hong Kong, this time a beautiful pool terrace. Good times!
Both designers of the ACE as well as other SUBDELTA-friendly watch experts pinpointed some design improvements based on the prototype and its global mission over the past weeks. HQ would like to thank all of them for taking the time and effort; Michiel “the architect” will adapt these drawings accordingly in the next few days. Good luck with that mission and thanks in advance, Michiel! In the next Pre-Flight Briefing, HQ hopes to present all final drawings.

Although the ACE is a Future Flieger, it has to know where it came from. In the following image, the ACE can be seen next to a 1974 Benrus Type 1 Class A (approximately 6.000 copies were produced between 1970 and 1980) and a 1973 Benrus Type 2 Class A. With 40 mm, these military watches are quite large compared to others in that era. Although they’re more than 40 yearrs old, they’re in great shape and are truly cherised by their current owners. The ACE couldn’t have been in better company. 

Speaking of good company, how about this trio getting a sun tan to recharge their lume? From left to right: the P1lot One in brushed titanium (where it all started for SUBDELTA), the Periscope (2016 limited edition in 42 mm) and the ACE (both beadblasted titanium). What’s next?
Finally some more wrist shots that were taken in Singapore. One can see the ACE is not just the perfect buddy for perilous flight missions, but it can be worn during office missions too.
Over & out