SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 20


To all civilians,

What’s going on @ HQ these days, you might wonder.

Final designs
Today we present the final drawings to you. Thanks to slight improvements, as suggested by the technical team (Eddy, Michiel and of course André) as well as our watch friends Philipp and Daniel Piaz from Switzerland, we feel confident the production version of the ACE will be an even better watch still. Thanks guys!


Improvements highlights
Most of the improvements are small and technical and will never be seen by any of you, so we will only name a few visible highlights. We for instance made the case a tad flatter (lower) to make it less bulky and gave the strap more space to move around freely. The watch is a few mm longer as a result, making it a bit more stretched if you will. This too will make it a bit less bulky. The hands, numerals and indices (dots on the dial) have undergone some minor improvements too and are now more balanced. As a whole, these improvements make a lot of sense and as they say: the devil’s in the details.


The “00-00-00” engraving between the lower lugs represents the placeholder for the optional (free of charge) date engraving. This will make the ACE very personal for every Commander. The engraving of the ace of spades is standard issue and will be placed between the upper lugs. The unique build number will be engraved in the crown. Finally, some text will be engraved in the caseback, like the type of movement we use in the ACE.


Congrats Michiel!
Michiel “the architect” graduated last Monday and is now officially an engineer. Congrats on this big achievement! Meanwhile, he redesigned the buckle and tongue, because the first (prototype) version just didn’t have enough wrist curvature. He gave the polished bevels on the buckle a bit more definition to really make them stand out. Thanks Michiel!

Eddy’s prototype
Next week, a prototype of the case and caseback will be milled out of stainless steel for study purposes. This has to do with our new supplier and modified drawings. We’re keen to find out what it looks like in stainless steel (though your ACE will be made out of grade 5 titanium of course). In 2 weeks, right before our summer holidays, Eddy will present this prototype to the rest of the technical team. We will also discuss how a test movement André has come up with looks like in this new case. Thanks Eddy and André!

Stop sale: July 31st
We’ve reveice a good amount of orders for the ACE already and would like to thank all of you who put their trust in SUBDELTA in general and in the ACE in particular. For those of you still interested in hopping on-board too: please be aware we only take orders until July 31st. Please follow this link and thanks in advance. It will be an awesome journey towards the birth of your ACE. It will be a great opportunity to own a unique, numbered, handbuilt wristwatch, packed in a stunning Nanuk case. Don’t miss out…

Have a great week-end all!

Over & out