Kickstarter pricing ACE

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Kickstarter pricing ACE

Dear Future Fliegers,

Today we announce the Kickstarter prices for our 2017 Limited Edition, the SUBDELTA ACE. Huge Early Birds discounts.

Isoprog only takes orders of 50 copies and above, so should we somehow sell less than 50 copies, we’ll install a Sellita SW210-1 instead of the Isoprog IP13. This is by no means a bad alternative, Commanders!

Please visit the product page to view all specs ‘n prices.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve 😉

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Project banned by Kickstarter

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Good evenening,

Unfortunately, we have a sad announcement to make. As of tommorrow, our Kickstarter project will be banned by Kickstarter. What happened?

We need to show a real prototype of the Periscope and not 3D renderings, beautiful as they may be. That’s a problem for us, for we don’t have the funds to make a prototype. It’s not possible to acquire one crosshair dial (lumed and all), let alone 1 sapphire crystal or 1 decorated and engraved movement.

The silly thing is that Kickstarter had approved our project and we have received several mails from them. We now think they’ve not scanned our project, but a robot has. They must have had one or more complaints that we didn’t have a true prototype. We know a prototype is usually neccessary, but in our case, they approved our project “as is”. At least, we thought they did…

Of course we sent the Kickstarter support team several emails, explaining our situation (and our experience in making handbuilt titanium watches, such as the P1lot One), but Kickstarter shows no remorse at all and has decided to ban our project anyway.

Whatever happens, we do respect their decision, but are very, very sad this has to happen (and trust us, that’s an understatement), as we have welcomed quite a few backers in just 6 days. We will now lose them all. Luckily, we have some backers/buyers via our own webshop as well.

Are you one of our Kickstarter backers? Thanks! Your purchase will of course be disabled on Kickstarter. If you don’t want to miss out on the Periscope, we kindly ask you to make your purchase in our webshop. Thanks!

Thank you for your support and have a wonderful evening! We’re stronger than before.

And we thank one of our French Kickstarter backers in particular. He has donated € 10 and put it like this:

€10 from France, just to tell you to continue building masterpieces like this watch. Unfortunatly, I can’t afford to buy me one, but I had to give you something to show you my support. The background, the philosophy and the materials behind your design and your project means a lot to me as a lover of fine watches. Keep going and good luck for your project !

Lost for words.

Let’s make the Periscope happen. Buy before May 31st and enjoy the EARLY BIRDS DISCOUNT!

SUBDELTA handbuilt Dutch watches

Hans de Ree