Periscope Mission Update 30

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + Good day civilians, It’s closing time! Commander 13 is finalizing all SUBDELTA Periscope watches and HQ will ship them this week-end. Their Commanders will receive them on the double and can hardly wait in anticipation. But… Mission Update 30? What happened

Periscope Mission Update 28

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + Good day civilians! On HQ’s location, it’s about 09:00. Some of you guys are still vast asleep and some of you are preparing for diner. It’s a strange world, isn’t it? Anyway, since HQ’s closed from tommorrow until New Year’s Day,

Periscope Mission Update 27

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + Ho, ho, ho, civilians! Meet Lorenzo (left) and Rick (right). These merry operatives work @ our laserengraver’s in The Hague, NL. What’s with the suit, Lorenzo? Is it a clever disguise to fake your true military identity while on SUBDELTA missions? Or

Periscope Mission Update 26

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + Dear civilians, Yes! The SUB 2624-1 automatic movements have arrived @ CMDR 13’s safehouse! Just look at those spectacular circular Côtes de Genève decorations, chromed black afterwards. Wow. Surely you’ve noticed the “SECURITY CHECKED” label. They have been delayed @ customs because

Periscope Mission Update 25

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + To all civilians, It’s Friday again. How often have we started our SUBDELTA Periscope Mission Update like this already? Time flies. Dials & hands CMDR 13 (our watchmaker Jan Binnendijk) sent a couple morses. Please note the upper dials in the image

Periscope Mission Update 24

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + Good day civilians. Well, well, well. And who might this punk be? Is this strange-looking bloke an enemy operative, cleverly disguised as a priest, wearing loads of make-up and trying to obtain classified intel from off-guard civilians? This called for a thorough

Periscope Mission Update 23

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + To all civilians, MIA Don’t you hate an MIA situation too? For all civilians: MIA means “Missing In Action”. Here goes. Commander 13 has sent the lower dials and hands to “lume man” in La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH on Friday the 13th of November.

Periscope Mission Update 22

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + To all civilians, Straight down to business this time, no mockin’ about (as a famous, naked tv chef always says). HQ just received a morse from the Petrodvorets Movement Factory of Saint Petersburg, Russia, with a couple of images of the SUB

Periscope Mission Update 21

+ + START OF PERISCOPE MISSION UPDATE + + To all civilians, As you must have noticed, HQ didn’t brief you in a Mission Update last week. This was due to an unveiled mission in the cold waters off Copenhagen, Denmark last week. Sorry ’bout that. The good news is this