Periscope 02/25 for sale

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Periscope 02/25 for sale

Hi folks,

SUBDELTA Periscope

If you’re interested in owning our 2016 Periscope watch (number 02/25 and in new, unworn condition): please go to the product page in our webshop.

Kind regards,


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Periscope Mission Update 30

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Good day civilians,

It’s closing time! Commander 13 is finalizing all SUBDELTA Periscope watches and HQ will ship them this week-end. Their Commanders will receive them on the double and can hardly wait in anticipation. But… Mission Update 30? What happened to 29? That one was classified and for Commanders only ūüėČ

Making-of-images of a 39 mm version











YouTube video
To keep you entertained, CMDR 13 has assembled a 39 & 42 mm Periscope for video purposes. Please forgive the poor quality, but it’s just iPhone footage to give you guys an impression.

No – it’s not directed by Quentin Tarantino, nor will you see any fancy actors (not even a pretty well-equipped female secretary saying nothing and just being gorgeous) and there’s a wobble here and there. But isn’t it all about the watch? Enjoy!

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!



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Periscope Mission Update 28

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Good day civilians!

On HQ’s location, it’s about 09:00. Some of you guys are still vast asleep and some of you are preparing for diner. It’s a strange world, isn’t it? Anyway, since HQ’s closed from tommorrow until New Year’s Day, you’ll receive a Mission Update much sooner than you’re used to.

Painting of the upper dials
Commander 13 has been busy preparing the paint job for the¬†upper dials. In the image above, you see on of his try-outs. In the image below you can witness how this works. Jan first applies one color to the entire upper dials, after which he cleverly masks the other half, so he can airbrush the other color on. Good thinking, Jan! As you must have noticed, there’s still lots of stains and stuff on the dial, but it’s only a try-out, remember? The colors are spot-on though. Jan will paint all upper dials to perfection. These watches are built by hand – everything except for the movement and crystals. Just how we like it and how we know you like it.


What else is new? Last Mission Update, you saw two happy laserengraver’s, one of them in a questionable outfit. That was one short Christmas Eve for Lorenzo and Rick, let me tell you. Thanks again, guys! Good news is they only need to engrave a handful of items today and send all of the engraved parts (crowns, buckles, cases & casebacks) to Jan’s tommorrow! Commander 13 will receive them on New Year’s Eve. Ready for Jan to fill them with movements and start total assembly!

Engraving molds
Commander 13 has prepared the engraving by supplying the items with custommade molds. The engraving machine will be much more accurate like this and we all benefit from that, don’t we? The laserengraver was very happy he did this. Here you see both the 39 and 42 mm version in their respective mold. You can clearly spot the big difference between both case sizes. The engravers told HQ titanium (especially grade 5, the best one) is very tricky to engrave. It’s very hard and strong and few (Dutch) engravers can do it. Even less companies can do it well. Please look at some footage we shot while our first watch (the P1lot One) was being laserengraved: click here.


Movement in place
Here’s just another shot with the SUB 2624-1 movement placed correctly inside a 42 mm Periscope case (still without its engravings, as you can see):


While Jan was awaiting the delivery of the movements a while back, he chose to do a little extra on the inside of the¬†casebacks. Yes civilians¬†– that’s proper perlage (or “perl√©e) for the Periscope Commanders!¬†Commander 13 just won’t be stopped, unless you provide him with a good cigar or a bag of chips and a cold beer. Your Periscopes will be finished even better now. Thanks Jan!


That’s it for Mission Update 28 folks. Unless HQ¬īs got big news later on this week, there probably won¬īt be a Mission Update this Friday, since Friday is New Year¬īs Day.

Have a blast in 2016! And don¬īt send emergency rockets all over the skies @ midnight like you did last year, will you? They might reveal the location of any of our Commanders’¬†subs, remember? Stay vigilant, even when you’ve had too much champaign…

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!



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Periscope Mission Update 27

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Ho, ho, ho, civilians!

Meet Lorenzo (left) and Rick (right). These merry operatives work @ our¬†laserengraver’s in The Hague, NL. What’s with the suit, Lorenzo? Is it a clever disguise to fake your true military identity while on SUBDELTA missions? Or did you deliberately ignore strict HQ dress code briefings for those working on top secret, military items? Whatever your reasons for wearing that spectacular outfit – this time HQ’ll see it through the fingers. Is that even English, civilians?

Both operatives worked late yesterday to try and make up some of the lost time. Much appreciated, chaps! HQ selected you as one of the few suppliers for a reason. They’ll be finished with their engravings by (probably) Monday or Tuesday. Commander 13 will welcome the hardware back just before or on Newyear’s Eve.

Laserengravings : the final results
HQ thought you might wanna see what Lorenzo and Rick have been up to. This is what.


That’s 50 one-off pieces of grade 5 titanium for the SUBDELTA¬†Periscope! HQ deliberately chose not to engrave the triangle of the logo in the buckles by the way. Keep it as simple as possible, that’s our no. 1 priority. How ’bout those build numbers we engraved in them¬†crowns, huh? Yes – we agreed we’d put the triangle of our logo there, but HQ wanted to give its Commanders¬†a little extra. Now they’re truly unique pieces. Hope they¬†appreciate this gesture.


Sorry we didn’t take close-ups from all hardware. This Mission Update would exceed morse specifications if we did. Even HQ’d get spanked for that by its superiors. Another close-up then.


Please note that all hardware is magnified in these images. Every imperfection is visible, but in reality, it will look better.

Doesn’t the engraving in the caseback work out brilliantly? Please note the build number has been omitted here – it’s only in the crowns! From now on, Commanders’ll¬†be reminded of their¬†Commander number, without having to take the Periscope off their¬†wrists. Life has its little bonuses sometimes.


Since all date engravings between the lower lugs are hyper personal, HQ chose not to reveal those to a big audience. They’ll be a surprise to look at when the Commanders¬†receive their SUBDELTA¬†Persicope.

Upper dials and aluminium rings
Meanwhile CMDR 13 will airbrush your upper dials. Yesterday he received a parcel containing aluminium rings, which he needs to mount the movements in the cases. These rings will end up on his turning mill for exact fitting.

Prototype 2017 Limited Edition
In January, Commander 13 will make a prototype for the ACE, our next watch. The product page has been overhauled somewhat. If you’re interested, please click here to view it. The ACE will be on Kickstarter in February. Exciting!


Have a wonderful Christmas Eve full of tall tales, booze and good food. Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones.

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!



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Periscope Mission Update 26

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Dear civilians,

Yes! The SUB 2624-1 automatic movements have arrived @ CMDR 13’s safehouse! Just look at those¬†spectacular circular C√ītes de Gen√®ve decorations, chromed black afterwards. Wow. Surely you’ve noticed the “SECURITY CHECKED” label. They have been delayed @ customs because it was unclear whether they were for Dutch submariners¬†or for a watch with a submarine theme ūüėČ Hilarious, but this delay unfortunately has¬†caused¬†some delay for HQ too.


It’s a stunning thing to look at, 25 unique movements all packed together in a blister. We feel very, very proud and CMDR 13 has stated they can rival their Swiss counterparts where it comes to decoration and finish. When running, they produce an audible “tick”. Sturdy as hell.


HQ didn’t dare handing this parcel over to a random postman (can you imagine what would happen if they went MIA?). So I hopped in my secret little neutral vehicle and drove off to his undisclosed atelier in the north of the Netherlands myself yesterday. Ding-dong. Ding-dong! A very surprised Jan welcomed me and looked like a boy in a candy store after opening the Raketa box.


CMDR 13 and HQ didn’t expect the movements to arrive before X-mas at all, knowing they were held back by customs. Jan can now make all necessary preparations. Next week, all cases and casebacks will be laserengraved (according to the new planning we made last week). Hereunder you see how a beadblasted case compares to a plain one. It has a mighty matte dark finish to it and suits the dark chromed movement perfectly.


Sorry for the low light conditions guys, but CMDR 13’s safehouse cannot be compromised! It would be a bloody shame if some spy or other punk would spot his atelier from a mile away, wouldn’t it?


HQ just missed Remie, who delivered those beautiful straps @ Jan’s yesterday personally too! Sorry Remie, better luck next time. By the way: happy birthday Remie! Today is your big day. May you have safe missions throughout your career and live a long, prosperous and happy life. You hate to have missed me by half an hour @ Jan’s, but my visit was unscheduled anyway. Not your fault.

A bit of a blurry morse reached headquarters half an hour ago. It appears to be an image of one of the buckles after having been laserengraved! Rick of the engraver’s called me, asking if it’s O.K. like this and apologizing for the somewhat blurry image. The focus is on the upper half of the buckle, not on the actual engraving. He stated they’re absolutely spot-on in reality. Awesome.


While all cases and casebacks are being laserengraved next week, CMDR 13 will airbrush those sandwich dials in the two colors (night and day). Hereunder you find a pic from a few weeks ago, when they were still united in their production sheet. A few bits ‘n pieces to go to final assembly, civilians!


Here you see a SUB 2624-1 placed loosely inside a 42 mm case:


Some parts awaiting final assembly:


No, no, no! That’s not a necklace in the upper right corner of this image! Who said that, is that CMDR 01 again? We’re no jeweller’s, you know? Do keep up with us, MCF! Those bits are the grade 5 titanium tongues, a necessity for them buckles to operate properly. HQ’s seen with his own eyes that “lume man” from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland did¬†a fantastic job. Jan placed one of those lower dials under a very bright light and took me to a dark room. That might probably sound¬†a bit odd ūüėČ The lume is absolutely crazy! Anyway: “lume man” for president! You will not believe the amount of lume on this watch. Simply spectacular.

A random camo NATO strap I conveniently had in my UpLePo (upper left pocket) also looks the business, right? The left case has been beadblasted. What a difference, so glad we choose this finish.


And finally an image with an untreated caseback being ready to be screwed on.


Have a blast this X-mas, civilians. Be healthy these holidays, don’t “overdrink” (or just do – who cares?) but stay vigilant at all times! Promised?

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!



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Periscope Mission Update 25

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To all civilians,

It’s Friday again. How often have we started our SUBDELTA Periscope Mission Update like this already? Time flies.

Dials & hands
CMDR 13 (our watchmaker Jan Binnendijk) sent a couple morses. Please note the upper dials in the image above are not airbrushed yet, it’s just the rough base metal. You get the idea, right?


The upper dial is not applied on the lower dial in the shot above & below.


The “dark orange” lume clearly has much less light emission than the C1, but it enhances the contrast between the both of them quite nicely we think. Happy! “Lume man” has done a fine job once again. CH is where the good stuff comes from and nice people live ūüėČ

Remie has finalized all straps! Thanks Remie, right on time and do they look stunning, or what? He’ll drop them by @ CMDR 13’s personally in a couple days, thus making sure no enemy will intercept the postman.





Crowns & buckles
CMDR 13 has detailed & beadblasted all crowns and buckles and will deliver them @ the laser engraver in The Hague, NL this very afternoon.


Besides, his sister lives in The Hague, so why not combine it with a coup of tea (or maybe something stronger on the side)? Send her our warmest regards, will you Jan?


To avoid enemy interception, he will not be driving his beat-up BMW this time. Instead, he will mount his blood-red Ducati 750 SS.


He has prepared a plastic mold for the crowns & buckles, so the laser engraver will have no trouble alligning the engravings perfectly at all. Good thinking (again), Jan, and that beadblasting of yours is absolutely fine.

Cases & casebacks
After reading about the customs delay of the movements, CMDR 13 and HQ decided to take a bit extra time to perfect your Ti 5 hardware. It will be sent to the laser engraver next week, but the laser engraver can already start engraving those crowns & buckles, can¬īt he? All Ti 5 hardware will therefore be back @ CMDR 13’s within 1-2 weeks. Ready for assembly, if those darn movements finally arrive, that is. In the following image, you can see the screw-down casebacks mounted on your cases already. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!



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Periscope Mission Update 24

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Good day civilians.

Well, well, well. And who might this punk be? Is this strange-looking bloke an enemy operative, cleverly disguised as a priest, wearing loads of make-up and trying to obtain classified intel from off-guard civilians? This called for a thorough approach, so HQ booked him. A six-hour interrogation last night led to the understanding his true identity is “Sinterklaas”. Sorry old chap, for messing up that velvety outfit of yours.

Anyway: Sinterklaas brings young future Commanders the presents they’ve been craving for tommorrow night. Will he have a little something for HQ too? Maybe the movements or the stuff “lume man” is currently working on? We already got the crowns half an hour ago! Thank you, Sinterklaas! WikiPedia on Sinterklaas


And onwards to the SUBDELTA Periscope
Although beging a down-to-earth guy, CMDR 13 was a bit frustrated the other night. Not all unfolds according to plan. A few subcontractors really push it when it comes to delivery times. To let off some steam, he decided to empty his SABW (Secret Abrasive Blasting Weapon) on a Periscope case, buckle and tongue. Good thinking, Jan.


Did you notice anything unusual, civilians? No? Are your eyes even open? Please pay attention, boys!!! This is no pleasure cruise! Surely you’ve noticed the light bevel CMDR 13 applied on some formerly sharp corners? Why, you ask? HQ wanted to step up the finish of your cases, that’s why! The P1lot One cases tend to be a bit too sharp here and there and HQ decided to make some last-minute mods for the better. Besides the practical advantages, it looks the business, right? Live & learn.


CMDR 13 might make those bevels just a tiny bit bigger and states the little imperfection in the lower left lug in the bend near the end of the lug is due to lighting conditions. You can also spot the bead blasting could be a bit finer: some lines are still showing and that’s unwanted for. This is only copy #1 gents and he has never beadblasted before. Good work, Jan! Rest asure – all cases will be well finished. By his hand of course.

Lovely beadblasted buckle and tongue too, Jan! Please note this strap – also done by Remie, but for another project obviously – is not part of the Periscope adventure. If you want one, drop us a morse at any time.


Planning forecast

Ti5 hardware

  • finish & beadblast cases, casebacks, buckles and needles (in progress, finished this weekend)
  • receive crowns from Russia (mission accomplished today on 13:00 hours GMT +1)
  • instruct laser engraver (mission accomplished yesterday)
  • ship all Ti5 hardware to laser engraver (personal delivery by CMDR 13, early week 50)
  • laserengraving of all Ti5 hardware (week 50) > thanks guys @ The Hague for putting the pedal to the metal for us and engrave quicker so we can save some time!
  • bend all buckles after being laserengraved (week 51)


  • receive all movements (scheduled by the end of today, but DHL states there’s a clearance delay @ Saint Petersburg, Russia, so expect it early week 50 and not today unless miracles do exist)
  • quality control, i.e. power reserve and winding test (week 50)
  • mount all movements with custommade fittings in cases (week 51)

Dials and hands

  • paint and dry all upper dials as designed by HQ (week 50)
  • receive stuff from “lume man”, CH (week 50, he just sent HQ a morse he’s ready!)


  • finish all keepers with intials and last stitching jobs (week 49)
  • receive all straps from Remie of (personal delivery, week 50)

Bits ‘n pieces

  • make gaskets for front & back sapphire crystals (week 50)
  • modify 3 front sapphire crystals for 39 mm version (week 50)
  • 6 ATM water resistance tests (early week 51)
  • assemble all parts that lead to mission-ready Periscopes (mid week 51)
  • quality control (mid week 51)

(Inter)national shipping

  • pack ‘n tag (address) all Periscopes (mid-end week 51)
  • (inter)national shipping (end week 51)
  • receive Periscopes at Commanders’ secret addresses (week 52, if postal services & customs co-operate and enemies don’t intercept)

Fingers crossed, civilians
CMDR 13, Remie and HQ are really pushing the envelope to make absolutely sure everything is ready in time. Nothing may go south at this point in time though and we don’t want the SUBDELTA Periscope¬†to lack any quality in finish and/or assembly. At the same time, we have promised our¬†Commanders they’d wear them by Christmas. Chrismas this year, that is. This is nerve-wracking, but we’re still looking good. Good luck Remie and CMDR 13 in the following mission-critical steps!

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!



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Periscope Mission Update 23

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To all civilians,

Don’t you hate an MIA situation too? For all civilians: MIA means¬†“Missing In Action”. Here goes. Commander 13 has sent the lower dials and hands to “lume man” in La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH on Friday the 13th of November. Looking back, maybe this was the wrong date ūüėČ What happened? Typically, a parcel should arrive in CH after 3-5 business days. Not our parcel though, for it has been underway for a whopping 10 business days! We don’t need mission-critical planning problems at this stage, civilians!

Mission completed!
Our friends @ Delta Force have been searching the CH waters and skies for the last couple of days (hence the search lights in the image above) and were succesful! The parcel has been cleared by CH customs on Wednesday and delivered today @ 09:17 GMT. It’s an understatement that HQ didn’t sleep too well the last week. The screen with the online tracking status has been refreshed about 25 times a day. The Swiss “lume man” has been briefed where to put the C1 white and Dark Orange Super-LumiNova (green line) to rule out any human mistakes.

Lume briefing
Hereunder you will see this briefing for “lume man”. We’re having Swiss Super-LumiNova C1 and Dark Orange (both: green line) applied.Please forgive the Design Department @ HQ for this somewhat blurry and course instruction with possibly a couple of errors in French, but “lume man” gets the idea ūüėČ We were not trained to make prefect graphics, civilians, but to complete missions, whatever it takes! Please note that this is the lower dial and that the etched upper dial will be assembled on top of that. The indices and numerals in this upper dial are very neatly cut out.



ETA Dec 11
The “lume man” will do his magic next working week. ETA for the return voyage is Friday the 11th of December. Fingers crossed there will be no more delays and that Commander 13’s assembly time frame has not been compromised too much. As you know, we want all Periscopes to be on their respective Commanders’s wrists by Christmas. It goes without saying HQ and Commander 13 will do absolutely everything to achieve this goal. This means: no sleep for you in December, Commander 13! You can catch up sleep in January, but not too much, since you also need to produce the prototype for the SUBDELTA 2017 Limited Edition, the ACE.

Bead blast ’em
A couple of Mission Updates ago, HQ briefed you about the bead blasting machine Commander 13 had on his back seat. This machine has a name: SABW (Secret Abrasive Blasting Weapon). Jan loaded the SABW and fired thousands of microscopic glass beads onto the titanium cases. What do you think of the provisionary result? CMDR 13 will adjust things, so no straight brushing marks will be seen in the end results. WikiPedia on abrasive blasting.


TOP SECRET: shipping of movements and crowns
Our operative @¬†Petrodvorets of Saint Petersburg, Russia sent HQ a morse last night, stating there would be a top secret transport from the movement factory to Commander 13’s. An experienced Russian factory operative travelled all the way to Amsterdam yesterday, carrying with him all movements and assembled crowns… He will mail those to Commander 13 today, from Amsterdam. HQ’s sure he has a very good reason to avoid regular civilian postal services. Good thing this obscure transport was unseen! Can’t wait to see those stunning SUB 2624-1 movements and crowns in next Mission Update… HQ will brief you. Obviously.

Colorful top dials
Commander 13 has received both paint colors for the upper and lower hemisphere of the¬†top dials. He can start airbrushing them whenever he’s ready. Good luck Jan, and enjoy! HQ knows you can handle your air brush.

Sipping on a cigar
HQ unintentionally intercepted a morse, containing an image of Commander 07, leisurely sitting on a comfortabel couch, sipping on a luxurious cigar in an undisclosed location in Singapore. According to HQ secret services, the image was taken by Commander 08. Nothing wrong so far. However, according to our Mission Database, CMDR 07 should be on a reconnaissance mission in South Africa’s coastal waters until tommorrow! Maybe he has completed this perilous mission early and that lovely new secretary @ HQ forgot to update the Mission Database again? In that case, she deserves a good spanking. Glad you had a safe and succesful mission, Commander 07! This particular image cannot be shared online obviously. Hope you enjoyed your puff, CMDR 07, but knowing CMDR 08, that was most certainly a very, very good cigar ūüėČ

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!




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Periscope Mission Update 22

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To all civilians,

Straight down to business this time, no mockin’ about (as a famous, naked tv chef always says). HQ just received a morse from the Petrodvorets Movement Factory of Saint Petersburg, Russia, with a couple of images of the SUB 2624-1 movements. What a sight! She also stated all assembled crowns and movements will be shipped by the end of this month. Just as planned and promised and exactly in time for Commander 13 to receive them in the 1st week of December, leaving him a two-week timeframe for complete assembly. Aces. Still goin’ strong!

Somewhere in a secret testing room of that classified movement factory, probably in an unknown dark corner, our Petrodvorets friends are currently testing those heavily modified movements of yours. Our project manager @ the factory almost apologizes. What’s the deal? Their subcontractor, who galvanizes the rotors of the movement with a couple of colors, simply couldn’t do better than this. The Pantone 663C color of the triangle in the logo might not be up to standard, a bit on the dark side against the dark parts of the rest of the movement.

What? Couldn’t do better? They’re even prettier than anticipated, we couldn’t be happier! Maybe it’s just HQ being emotional, but it’s by no means a small thing seeing “your” SUB 2624-1 movement come to life. It’s even ticking! Please note that these crowns are not the ones that will sport your Periscopes. Thanks so far, everybody @¬†¬†Petrodvorets!

There have been more achievements last week of course. Commander 13 is well underway completing his mission too. He’s turning and milling those fine Periscope cases, as you can see in the images¬†below. Is it just HQ or did you notice there’s more and more debris in his images lately?¬†This needs to be addressed at once! @Cmdr 13: please clean up your work station in the future, BEFORE posting any pictures, will ya?

Can you believe this punk? A well-organised Commander is an effective Commander, Jan! Maybe you’re just too busy focussing on those Periscopes and not on cleaning your bunker ūüėČ On the other hand, grade 5 titanium scrap is good scrap, lads ūüėČ

As you can see, the cases are quite chunky due to the somewhat outstanding/pointy lugs. Post-production measurements show the exact lug-to-lug values: 39 mm¬†=¬†51.25 mm, 42 mm¬†=¬†54.9 mm. Wow! The pin-to-pin values luckily are a lot lower, so the watches won’t wear too big: 39 mm = 47 mm, 42 mm¬†=¬†50 mm. On paper, you knew the¬†Periscopes would be chunky, civilians, and now you know for sure. HQ was a little worried about these high values and summoned Commander 13 to try on a 42 mm case on his tiny wrists to see for himself. ¬†He morsed that it’s all good. Actually, it is practically the same size as the P1lot One. Big relief. The final height will be determined once everything is assembled with the domed sapphire crystal and caseback, just as the total weight. Just don’t know. Yet.

Finally Commander 13 morsed me a blurry image with 18 milled cases already! Don’t you dare stop here, Commander 13, and don’t forget to make¬†a couple of¬†39 mm variants while you’re at it ūüėČ

Remie almost finished all straps. Good work, civilian! Well, civilian… by now he’s incrowd too. Not having an official Commander number doesn’t mean you’re not recognized by the Periscope Commanders, Remie! Here are a few production pics, where you can see one of the keepers being finalized. HQ has ordered the one with SUB as initials. You can probably guess why. Both Commander 13 and Remie morsed me that they’re proud to be part¬†of this exciting new microbrand. They should be! So is HQ! Thanks guys. From the bottom of my heart.

For safety reasons, only a few initials are revealed in this Mission Update. Please don’t share them on your social media channels, civilians!
Lume job
Last week, Commander 13 has secretly dispatched a small parcel to CH. According to HQ intelligence, it was sent on Friday night and has just landed on Z√ľrich Airport, CH. Its online delivery status has changed accordingly. This means our unveiled Swiss subcontractor – who will from now on be referred to as “lume man” – will receive it later today or tomorrow. “Lume man” will need approximately one business week to do his magic, so Commander 13 expects the parts to be back no later than the 1st week of December. Yes my Commanders, parallel to the reception of the crowns and movements. It’s all coming together… Still he has a lot of tasks to complete (i.e. painting the upper dials, modifying 3 front sapphire crystals to fit the 39 mm cases, having all hardware laserengraved, complete assembly, shipping, just to name a few).
Commander 5 and 24
Thank all that’s holy that HQ has employed a secretary – and a rather attractive, single one too HQ might add – who occasionally checks the birthdays of all Commanders. Last week, she was away for quite some time buying the latest model typewriter or something like that. Whatever. Result: she completely overlooked a couple¬†of Commander birthdays! She’ll be punished in a correct fashion of course. So without further due: our much-respected Commander 5 of Singapore (a.k.a. “KEL”) celebrated his 38th birthday on November 10 and Commander 24 of the Netherlands (no initials) on November 15. His age is rated “top secret” unfortunately. Bottom line: happy birthday Commander 5 and 24! May you live a long, prosperous, healthy, lucky and succesful life! Have safe missions wherever you may sail.

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!



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Periscope Mission Update 21

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To all civilians,

As you must have noticed, HQ didn’t brief you in a Mission Update last week. This was due to an unveiled mission in the cold waters off Copenhagen, Denmark last week. Sorry ’bout that. The good news is this week’s Mission Update 21 is extra long.

Friends for life
Last Sunday, Commander 13, 03, 15 (that’s me!) and strapmaker Remie joined in a secret meeting on the roof of an obscure hotel in Amsterdam to finally meet eachother, talk about watches, drink a dirty Martini and smoke a hand-rolled Davidoff Commander 03 had secretly tucked away somewhere. Thank you for making that perilous and long journey to our capital, chaps. It was an unforgettable day!

Moving on to the production of the SUBDELTA¬†Periscope now. In the image above you see a couple of watch parts obviously. This time they’re assembled, for Commander 13 is on a roll and started with his final preparations before complete assembly of all Periscopes.

Most striking is the yet-untreated single hand the Periscopes will be using to tell time. You can see the round cap that keeps the hand in place on the movement pivot. Commander 13 chose to have it anodized black at an undisclosed factory in the Netherlands. He could have chosen to have it painted black (or do it himself), but this option gives the cap a much better longevity.

Soldering soldier
It’s time Commander 13 prepared the attachment of the lower dials onto the movements chaps.


Commander 13 solders a bunch of little “dial feet” onto the back of the lower dial, so he can attach the actual movement and upper dial in a perfectly aligned manner. Otherwise, he’d be guessing and knowing Jan, that’s not a good idea (especially after a whiskey or two). Below you see the prototype movement Petrodvorets has supplied us with. Yours will be heavily modified and much, much better decorated, so it’s just to show you what it’ll look like in the end.


Here you can see the movement peeking through the lower dial. Hello!


Paint and lume colors
Commander 13 went to a specialized paint shop in the murky waters of the Netherlands (which are quite cold this time of year, so good luck with that, Jan!) and was asked which RAL colors he’d like. Ehrrrrr RAL? Of course. Computer colors are defined in another way than real-life paint colors. RAL means Reichs-Ausschu√ü f√ľr Lieferbedingungen und G√ľtesicherung”¬†(State Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance) and was a starting point for color standardization in Europe. Anyway.¬†Commander 13 chose the following RAL colors, which match the computer colors best:


Those are fine lookin’ colors, Commanders! The bright orange will contrast just like they should. Due to planning, Jan will prepare all lower dials and hands first, so our Swiss lume connection (top secret obviously) can do his magic in the next two weeks. Here you see all hands after the paint job, left to dry…


The cavities of the lower dial and the center of the hand will be filled with nothing but the very best: extra fine¬†Swiss Super-LumiNova green line. HQ will elaborate on that a bit now. There are two color lines available, referring to the color it emits at night: light blue or light green. During daytime, both paints will have the same appearance (i.e. orange, yellow or white). Incredible, isn’t it? HQ and Cmdr 13 figured the green line would fit the color scheme of your Periscopes best. This was also used in our first project, the P1lot One, although we used light orange instead of dark orange. The latter is less vintage and has more color depth, matching with the logo colors.

  • Numerals, digits and letters of logo: Swiss Super-LumiNova C1 Green Line
  • Hand and triangle of logo: Swiss Super-LumiNova Dark Orange Green Line

C1 will have a brighter glow than dark orange, because the darker the lume color, the weaker the light it reflects (emits). If you would want black lume (which is possible!), it would not emit a whole lot of light. C3 is the strongest on the market, but has a lemony/citrussy kind of hue during daytime and we just don’t like that. It’ll be plain white versus orange for you, Commanders!

This is what C1 looks at @ night (image courtesy of P1lot One):


HQ received a morse yesterday from our contact at Petrodvorets, stating the crowns are all ready! Good news. She asked Commander 13 if he’d like to receive them assembled or not. Good question, HQ likes a vigilant project operator! She will ship them assembled to Cmdr 13 somewhere next week, so he can beadblast (or glassblast, not sure yet) them along with all other Ti5 hardware.

Godspeed, have a good one & until next week!