2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 22

Dear civilians, Shortly, all 16 SUBDELTA Ace watches will be assembled and shipped. To prepare this, the grade 5 titanium cases and casebacks have been beadblasted and hand-polished the other day. They’re ready for all personal engravings. Last week, the lumed seconds hands also surfaced from Switzerland. The BGW9 “grade

2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 09

Hello to all civilians, Today you can see the progression of some of the pre-production types of the case and buckle for the 2017 ACE model in images. The buckle is coming together great. Hand-polished, 45 degree bevels on each corner. Lasered-through letters and thick grade 5 titanium give a

2017 ACE Squadron Briefing 08

Dear civilians, Time for HQ’s update. Great news! The Swiss handwound movements have arrived! Since it’s almost Christmas, let’s do some unboxing 😉 Movements And now on to the actual movements. They look even better in real life than on the countless images we already shared with you. What a

SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 21

To all civilians, Most of the times, prototyping is a serious matter. Sometimes it’s great fun though. Just wanted to show you a 3D printed plastic dummy of the case and a laserprinted paper dial. Just to fool around with and to make improvements really quickly with a felt tip pen. Don’t

SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 20

To all civilians, What’s going on @ HQ these days, you might wonder. Final designs Today we present the final drawings to you. Thanks to slight improvements, as suggested by the technical team (Eddy, Michiel and of course André) as well as our watch friends Philipp and Daniel Piaz from

SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 16

Dear civilians, As briefed last week, the prototype of the ACE will fly all over Earth to meet several watch enthusiasts. HQ will update you on its whereabouts periodically. Current location: San Francisco (SFO), California, USA Coordinates: 37°47′N 122°25′W Nickname(s): Fog City, City by the Bay, Frisco Time zone: UTC

SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 15

Good day Future Fliegers. Last Tuesday the ACE prototype was picked up by HQ. Cliché: it looks even better in real life than on photographs. Its dark, beadblasted grade 5 titanium hardware and polished bevels really plays with light. After a discussion with the design team, we suggest the hours

SUBDELTA ACE Pre-Flight Briefing 14

Good day civilians! Please buckle up for quite a few images of the ACE prototype. And pay attention, please. You’re about to go on an important mission, you know. Progress of the prototype Meet the screwed-in grade 5 titanium caseback. Still without its laserengravings of course. It’s like a porthole.