Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to all our transactions. If you decide to purchase an item @ SUBDELTA, you explicitly agree on all of these these terms & conditions. This is also asked explicitely during checkout. We kindly advise you to ask any question prior to ordering to avoid unclarities.

  1. Prices / VAT / shipping
    1. Prices: all prices are in Euros (€)
    2. VAT: on new items, we must charge you with 21% Dutch VAT, if an item is shipped to an address within the European Union (EU). If you reside outside of the European Union (EU), no VAT will be added, but you’re responsible for any import taxes and/or customs duties. On used items, no VAT will be charged (they are so-called margin goods).
    3. Shipping:  all items will be shipped after we have received your payment. You can choose from various shipping options, varying from slow but cheap (PostNL, insured) to fast but expensive (DHL Express). We never mark items as gifts or below their actual value, because customs can be harsh (and rightfully so) and in the eventuality we must file an insurance claim, the low value is the real value when it comes to redeems. You don’t want a partial redeem 😉 You always receive a tracking code, so you can keep track of things. It is much appreciated you confirm the reception of your item and inform us about the state it is in when you received it. In case of export outside of the European Union (EU), we will stick customs forms on your item(s), so customs will know what’s inside. We are not responsible for any delay that may occur, should your item(s) be held back by customs. It is out of our reach.
    4. Local pick-up: you can pick up your item(s) in the Netherlands, we’d love to meet you. Please make an appointment with us.


  2. Payment
    1. General: we only accept pre-payments, no payment afterwards. Thanks for understanding.
    2. Bank/wire transfer: payment can be made through wire transfer. Please make sure you are the party who pays for any bank costs, not us. We need the actual amount the item(s) is(are) sold for.
    3. PayPal: you are able to pay via PayPal. This is a paid extra, because we need to pay for this as well.


  3. Cancellation / returns / refunds
    1. Cancellation / returns: only new SUBDELTA items can be returned and only after they have been received by you but only if the item is not as described. During the shipping process, items cannot be retrieved or cancelled. The buyer is reponsible for any additional costs (shipping, customs, bank costs etc.). Once we receive the item in exactly the same condition as we sent it, you will be refunded.
      We will not refund used items when we act as a broker during a sale for a private person. This is clearly stated with each of such a product. We act as an intermediate in cases of a conflict and try to please both parties by finding a solution, but in the end the seller is reponsible for both the item and the shipping and SUBDELTA is therefore not a legal party.
  4. Quality
    1. New SUBDELTA items are handmade by craftsmen. As a result, slight differences between various copies and slight imperfections may occur. We don’t issue factory-standard quality and this is not covered by warranty of any kind.
  5. Delay / warranty new SUBDELTA items
    1. Delay: we don’t want to rush production in favor of speed and prefer to take a little more time to make them 100% perfect. Should we however require more time and therefore not meet the desired deadline, buyers will of course be notified and kindly asked for their patience. This cannot be a reason to cancel your order and get a refund though.
    2. Warranty: in compliance with EU laws, new SUBDELTA items are protected by a two-year warranty on factory / engineering faults, starting on the shipping date. Used items are not covered by a warranty and are sold as-is.
      Maluse: please note it’s the owner’s responsibility to use items in a proper, respectful fashion. Obvious damage due to maluse is not covered by our warranty, as is the case with normal wear and tear. Please note we only have a very limited amount of spare parts for Limited Edition watches. Making just one extra is too costly, but we’ll work something out together.
      Bidirectional relationship: we’re all about a personal and therefore friendly, respectful and constructive relationship. This means we strongly recommend you don’t misuse and/or abuse our good name on for instance social media, before we had the chance to solve any issues with you. We’re partners 😉
    3. Warranty request: in case of a warranty request, please provide a full description of the fault(s) with text and clear, detailed images via e-mail, so we can asses the situation from a distance. All shipping costs to us need to be paid by the buyer and will be redeemed if the warranty claim isn’t void.  It goes without saying we pay for any shipping costs once a repaired item is being returnd. We are however not liable for any customs taxed and/or administrative fees.