SUBDELTA Watch Collection

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What makes the SUBDELTA ACE Mk2 special?

XM19 Submarine Steel
The case of the Ace MK2 is made of Austenitic XM19 Submarine Steel which offers better corrosion resistance ,a-magnetic properties and increased strength in comparison to the commonly used 316L Grade Steel.
Our propriety Surface Hardening Technique that is used in the Subdelta Ace MK2 models to protect your watch against dents, scratches and corrosion. This high-tech Metallurgy treatment creates a surface that is up to 6 time harder then the base-material.
Magnetic Field Protection
The Ace MK2 is equiped with a soft Iron inner case which acts like a Faraday cage for the movement. This gives the movement protection for magnetic fields up to 1000 Gauss, which can be caused by Speakers, Computers and Magnets. The cage consists of a Inner case-back, Movement holder and Dial made of Weak Iron. Magnetism is the most common Reason to cause problems with the reliability and precision of the movement.
RC-TRITEC Swiss Superluminova®
The Dials and Hands of the Ace MK2 use exclusively RC TRITEC Swiss Superluminova® which offers best legibility in the dark , longevity of illumination and strength of luminescence.
200M Water resistance
The Ace MK2 is water-resistant up to 200M / 20 Bar. We pressure test every single watch during assembly. No cutting corners for maximum reliability and security.
Swiss Automatic Movement
We chose to use the Sellita SW200 automatic movement for the Excelent Reliability , Extreme Precision, Worldwide availability of Spareparts and as a result the ease of service and maintenance. We regulate and test each movement in 5 position for maximum precision.