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The SUBDELTA story

P1lot One 

This stunning grade 5 titanium "lefty" pilot's watch with a manual-wound ETA / Unitas 6498-1 was made exclusively by and for members of Horlogeforum.nl, the largest Dutch watch forum. The watch is completely sold out in just one week. In May 2015, we handed the 52 watches over to their new owners at Teuge International Airport.

banner Pilot One

Modified Handwound movement of the P1lot one

P1lot One is not SUBDELTA ... entirely ...

Due to its commercial intentions, SUBDELTA is not the same as the project team of the P1lot One, but some of its team members are participating in SUBDELTA.

P1lot One

P1lot one versions

P1lot one cases ready to finish

52 grade 5 titanium P1lot One cases, ready to be brushed manually by our watchmaker.

P1lot One , Start of subdelta watches

The first SUBDELTA watch

Subdelta Periscope Singlehand Watch

Subdelta Periscope, a one-hand 24-hour automatic piece, forged from bead-blasted grade 5 titanium and housing a bespoke movement from Russia. The matte hardware and day / night dial totally fitted in the submarine theme. It was built around 25 enthusiasts around the globe, referred to as "Commanders". They all have their own personal number, which is engraved in the crown. This teutonic design is something completely off the beaten tracks and watch enthusiasts all over the globe are waiting for a second hand specimen. They rarely come though though.

Being now built under SUBDELTA, nothing has changed from the spirit and quality of the "P1lot One", as it has come to be known

Ace and Blue Ace

Subdelta Ace

The 2017 project is called the "Ace", a rugged, 42mm, purpose-built tool-made out of grade 5 titanium and a single dial providing maximum legibility day and night. The Swiss hand-wound and re-engineered pocket-watch movement (ref. 6497) with swan necks is a sturdy sapphire crystal case back.

Subdelta Blue Ace Lumeshot

 The 2017 model is sold out completely. The latest edition of this remarkable watch is a blue-faced, steel version of the Ace, called Blue Ace. : some with a polished crown and some with a beadblasted crown, both in titanium.

What's SUBDELTA up to?

SUBDELTA continues to redefine all the rules that make a brand, in an attempt to build that perfect timepiece, true to its origins. Next up will be the SUBDELTA Quattro . This 40mm toolwatch with a Swiss mechanical heart has a unique revolving seconds cap, among other fine details and specs. This one-pointer is modified by hand by our Dutch Watchmaker and can be worn with the crown on either side and thus on either wrist. The name "quattro". This can be achieved by swapping the strap halves: the dial has no north or south, so the watch can be turned around. 

Subdelta Quattro