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STRPS is started by Ruud, a Dutch watch enthusiast who is greatly passionate about watches and especially watch straps. It is the love for watches that inspired Ruud to set up STRPS, with the primary objective to make people fall in love all over again with their watches due to their new straps. Ruud and I (Hans, owner of SUBDELTA) met on, Holland’s largest watch enthusiast’s forum. Ruud is one of our suppliers.


STRPS has a wide variaty of watch straps and is known for their selection of Premium NATO straps and leather watch straps, handmade in the EU.

STRPS Premium NATO straps are finely woven, very soft and silky smooth webbing with stainless steel rectangular keepers, and sewn-in buckles with brushed finish. Designed for maximum comfort. A NATO strap that rivals the big boys in quality, but at a fraction of their price. Try out for yourself.

Happel Straps

STRPS’ collection of leather straps from Happel are premium quality straps. These straps are crafted as if they were a welt stitched shoe, better known as ‘the king of the men’s shoes”, patented in 1872 as the welt stitched Marchart, by Charles Goodyear Junior. A Happel strap requires between 140 and 170 manufacturing steps. As a result of this qualitatively high-end manufacturing process, these straps are more durable, have a classic look and a remarkable wearing comfort. Your watch deserves one.


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